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Letters: To vote or not to vote, Obamacare, teachers union, strong mayor, etc.

Make voices heard, vote

Re “Feeling the Power of Voting” (Shawn Hubler, Nov. 2): I have voted in every election since I turned 18 back in 1977. Sometimes, I write in “None of the Above” or “Calvin and Hobbes,” but I vote.

I get discouraged when I see that it makes almost no difference as the candidates are so beholden to the money interests, that the results are nearly the same no matter who is in office.

Still, I will vote, as silence is consent to the failing of the current system. We must strive to make our voices heard, vote for the best candidates, even if it is for “None of the Above.”

Doye Sivils, Antelope

Leave Obamacare in place

Re “Republicans’ Obamacare ad rings true” (Ad Watch, Oct. 31): As California is the national leader in taking advantage of the benefits of the Affordable Care Act, it’s bizarre to see multimillion-dollar campaign ads against “Obamacare” when the on-the-ground evidence in Sacramento is that it’s working – and that it would be disastrous to repeal it, as former Rep. Doug Ose plans to do.

More than 3.3 million more Californians have coverage from Obamacare, most of whom would lose coverage if Ose gets his way: young adults on their parents’ plan, families getting help paying premiums in Covered California, many in Medi-Cal.

Rep. Ami Bera, D-Elk Grove, wasn’t in Congress when Obamacare passed, but he’s not seeking its repeal, (which is) the actual threat to millions of Californians.

Anthony Wright, Health Access, Sacramento

Cast a vote for children

Re “A voice for children” (Viewpoints, Nov. 1): Thank you to the Save the Children Action Network for its appeal to voters to ignore the tabloid political jousting over trivial issues that is so prevalent in Sacramento this election year.

Instead, writer Mark Shriver urges us to elect candidates who will use their votes and influence to put public money where their mouths are, investing in high-quality early childhood education and in children’s futures. In the 7th Congressional District, that candidate is Congressman Ami Bera. I hope you will join me in voting for him.

Sen. Darrell Steinberg, Sacramento

Mudslinging suppresses voting

The intense and relentless mudslinging by Doug Ose and Ami Bera has convinced me how little respect they and their staffs have for me, the normal citizen guy. So I say to all you other normal citizens, for California’s 7th Congressional District, vote “no.“

Bill Sanders, Gold River

Teachers back Molander

Re “Teachers union turns up the heat” (Our Region, Nov. 1): I support Anna Molander for Sacramento City Unified School District’s school board.

She has children in the district and is committed to lowering class sizes and prioritizing resources to the classroom. Perhaps most importantly, she will promote partnerships among students, parents and the board to meet the challenges ahead.

David Fisher, Sacramento

Teachers feather their nests

The Sacramento City Teachers Union is yet another special-interest group that is trying to feather its nest at the expense of our children. Its job is to maximize their members’ wages and benefits to justify the dues they make their members pay. They do not care about providing a quality product for our children.

I always know how to vote for school board members. If a candidate is endorsed by the SCTA, they will not get my vote. Stop the SCTA take-over of SCUSD school board. Protect our students.

Michael Russell, Sacramento

Torlakson is teachers’ guy

Re “A wedge issue for Democrats” (Dan Morain, Nov. 2): As a National Board Certified Teacher with over 20 years of teaching experience, I am always confused when people – such as some on The Bee’s editorial board, Marshall Tuck, Kevin Johnson and his wife – feel they know what is best for public schools and scapegoat teachers and unions for students who fail.

Our public schools cannot afford to elect some dope who knows nothing about education but a whole lot about eroding its rights. Leave Tuck in the dust and vote Tom Torlakson, the actual educator, for superintendent of public instruction.

Angela F. Luna, Sacramento

Revisit strong mayor later

Mayor Kevin Johnson was chosen when we were going with a strong city manager. To be successful as a city, if we want to change where we are going, we must be able to change who we are going with. To me, that means to have both the “where” and the “who” on the ballot at the same time. Vote “no” on L now and bring it back at the next mayoral election.

John Duffy, Sacramento

A vote for Measure L

Measure L is a power grab by the voters. Finally, we will know who’s making decisions instead of an anonymous bureaucrat.

The “No” folks have led a campaign of fear against our current mayor, when in reality Measure L will create a real system of checks and balances. Yes on L.

Robert A Sperling, Sacramento


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