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Letters Bias in GOP campaign

Bill Clinton plays the saxophone during a campaign stop on “The Arsenio Hall Show” in Los Angeles in June 1992.
Bill Clinton plays the saxophone during a campaign stop on “The Arsenio Hall Show” in Los Angeles in June 1992. Associated Press file

The first ‘clowns’ in a campaign

Re “Let’s send out the clowns for California’s GOP debate” (Editorials, Sept. 16): Let’s look at who started the trend toward mixing show biz and presidential politics. Who played his sax on late-night television? Who has repeatedly gone on entertainment programs like “The View”? Who has said that he would go on a reality TV program while president?

It is time The Bee starts to show a little balance in its editorials.

Christian Larsen,

Fair Oaks

Showing too much Bee bias

After reading the editorial it wasn’t hard to tell where The Sacramento Bee’s editorial board stands when it comes to the 2016 elections. The board even went after the Kentucky county clerk’s “bib-overalled fourth husband.” Why not just come out and call him an “Okie” instead of trying to be politically correct?

What was amazing is the board even dragged Sarah Palin into the mix. The board asked for some dignity, well dignity went out the window seven years ago when Barack Obama was elected. With his antics and with the help of the media he has turned the office of the president into a mockery. The one thing that stands out in this editorial is the mention of two very presidential presidents, Dwight D. Eisenhower and Ronald Reagan. Up until seven years ago the office of the president was revered by the people, now it’s just another political office that needs to be filled.

Edward Thomas, Galt

All GOP candidates are clowns?

Come on, Bee editorial board, tell us how you really feel about conservatives. I guess debates that aren’t politically correct – by the board’s standards. Can’t be legitimate, either. Therefore all conservative candidates are painted with the same Bee “clown” brush.

It’s not enough that The Bee reprints mean-spirited anti-conservative editorial cartoons daily, the board has to add its own unfiltered example of how you feel about anything conservative. Thank you for being honest!

John Kerhlikar,

Shingle Springs


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