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Opposing Serra’s canonization

A statue of Father Junipero Serra of California in the National Statuary Hall Collection in Washington, D.C.
A statue of Father Junipero Serra of California in the National Statuary Hall Collection in Washington, D.C. McClatchy file

Opposing Serra’s canonization

Re “Serra’s canonization: Pope’s new saint incites division” (Insight, Sept. 23): My family and I are involved in Native American issues. We oppose the canonization of Father Junipero Serra, and we have joined with many across the globe to educate about the mythology of Serra and the California Mission system.

This article featured an apologist’s approach indicating among other things that orders to whip Indians were justified because soldiers were also whipped. Slavery and mission revolts were dismissed as fiction.

While some Ohlone people may be attending the canonization of Serra, others, along with vocal native activists, are protesting at missions throughout California.

Diana Tumminia,


Forgetting pope’s area of expertise

It’s seems the political left, and Democrats in general, agree with Pope Francis on issues of science and economics; e.g., climate change and income inequality. The pope is neither a scientist nor an economist. They disagree with the pope on issues of morality; e.g., abortion and the importance of a traditional marriage.

Morality and theology are the pope’s business and area of expertise.

John Paul, Carmichael

Carson and future of Muslim children

Re “Carson expands on Muslim stance” (Page 7A, Sept. 22): I am a 13-year-old American Muslim, and I find presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson’s comments about Muslims extremely ignorant and alarming.

From his hurtful words it appears to me that Carson does not consider me an equal citizen of this country, and if elected president, he will deny Muslim children like me opportunities because of our religion. This scares and worries me about my future.

I am now even more motivated to speak loudly against all bigots. When choosing persons to lead this country, we need to focus on their ideas and leadership skills, not their race, sex or religion. It would be a shame to miss out on the next great scientist, inventor or president because he or she was judged based on their religion.

Iman Mansoor, Elk Grove

Carson and the road to perdition

Even those who foresaw the decline of the Republican Party could not have imagined the current depths to which it has sunk.

Not only has a resurgent anti-Muslim sentiment gone mostly unchallenged within their ranks, Marco Rubio now justifies restrictions on women’s access to reproductive health care for fear that they’ll become impregnated only to abort and profit from the sale of fetal body parts.

An inflammatory, lathered-up Donald Trump calls an American soldier – a five-year captive of the Taliban – a deserter and traitor, responsible for the deaths of six soldiers looking for him. All lies, and contrary to the prosecutors’ evidence presented at his court martial.

A political party resembling a necktie party and anyone who falls in step with this bunch is guilty of throwing in with a lynch mob.

Spencer P. Le Gate,


In support of Carson’s stance

Re “Anti-Muslim bias a stain on GOP” (Viewpoints, Eugene Robinson, Sept. 22): I’m a Democrat and support Dr. Ben Carson and others’ opinion on having a member of the Muslim faith ever seeking the office of the presidency.

Rudy Venegas, Antelope

Still piles of grass in the street

Re “Surviving without the ‘Claw’  (Insight, Foon Rhee, Sept. 22): Although it’s a nuisance to put my yard waste in a container and the containers rarely hold it all, I’m still a fan of no piles in the street. I prefer that the gutters are clear and that there is room to park on the street.

My complaint is that it isn’t working three years into this change. In my South Natomas neighborhood there are dozens of giant piles of dead plant material. It’s ugly, it’s a fire hazard, and in some cases it impedes visibility at intersections.

I think that the city has an obligation to remove these, just like any other illegal dumping. Yet week after week, city trucks roll down the street, around these piles, and nothing is done.

Becky Roseman,



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