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Sheriff’s deputy, VW punishment, Sanders, vernal pools, etc.

The revelation that Volkswagen rigged diesel-powered cars to emit lower emissions during EPA tests is particularly stunning since Volkswagen has long projected an image with an emphasis on being environmentally friendly.
The revelation that Volkswagen rigged diesel-powered cars to emit lower emissions during EPA tests is particularly stunning since Volkswagen has long projected an image with an emphasis on being environmentally friendly. The Associated Press

Deputy should be behind bars

Re “Deputy using flashlight seen beating man in video” (Page 1A, Sept. 20): I was appalled when I read about Sacramento County sheriff’s Deputy Paul Pfeifer using excessive force with his flashlight.

I realize being a law enforcement officer can be a very stressful job, but to be a good police officer you must be mature, honest and respectful to the citizens you serve.

I don’t know if Pfeifer has anger or mental issues, or both? But he should be terminated from the Sheriff’s Department and put behind bars. Because beating someone with a steel flashlight is unacceptable unless your life is in danger.

Anthony D. Jordan,


Use of force is justified

Re “On cameras and the rising cost of excessive force” (Editorials, Sept. 22): The Sacramento Bee’s editorial board continues to vilify police officers’ use of force on suspected criminals. The board implies that settlements made with complainants is a cost to the public that can be avoided by restricting the use of force used by officers.

I for one feel that the true cost to me is my safety from criminals. Scapegoating Officer Paul Pfeifer is gratuitous. I am relieved that he is on the job and looking out for my safety from known felons stealing cars, drugged-up deadbeats, etc.

Simply put, complying with an officer is the answer to controlling settlements, not demonizing officers who follow department arrest procedures. Turning public sentiment against the police opens the doors for unscrupulous lawyers to file claims against the city.

Mary Ellen Mueller,


Punishment for Volkswagen

Re “What VW should pay here for its emissions fraud” (Editorials, Sept. 23): I enjoyed reading The Bee’s somewhat humorous editorial regarding Volkswagen. I applaud the editorial board for a good job of stating the impact of Volkwagen’s transgression, with a sound historical and semi-scientific perspective. It was good to lighten the situation with humor by inserting the paragraph suggesting one penalty be requiring the company to give fleets of subsidized electric vehicles to freeway-adjacent poor.

It was humorous because The Bee certainly cannot be advocating the state of California turn every event into an entitlement program. Some aspects of the suggested concept may be worthy of further discussion. Any punishment of Volkswagen should benefit those individuals who paid hard-earned money to purchase a vehicle that was represented as being environmentally friendly with low emissions and high fuel mileage. Maybe Volkswagen should provide each car owner with a new replacement vehicle of their choosing.

Gary Brickler, Sacramento

Our capitalism beats socialism

Re “Sanders would fix this disaster” (Letters, Sep. 23): The difference between capitalism and socialism is the extent of government involvement in economic issues. In the entire world, are there any examples of socialism being a success over capitalism?

We became a world leader through capitalism, not by emulating socialist countries. We created our own democratic form of government and developed our own capitalistic economy. Why is it that everyone still wants to come to America? Could it be the opportunity that capitalism offers?

For people who want more government involvement, I ask: Is the government doing a good job? Debt is at $19 trillion and the Social Security system is running out of money. Good and bad, capitalism has given U.S. citizens the highest standard of living in the world. Other countries should want to be more like the U.S., not the reverse.

John Hightower,


Vernal pools benefit kids

Re “Species concern leads to Mather change of plans” (Local, Sept. 18): I would hope that the vernal pools at the former Mather Air Force Base be preserved and seen as a community asset. I have watched and supported the Sacramento Splash nonprofit and the wonderful work it does exposing our children to the aquatic life in these ancient and threatened pools. To be out in nature seeing all manner of life they never knew existed turns on a child’s curiosity, which is the most wonderful gift we can give them.

George Waegell,



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