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Start with CCW laws

Start with CCW laws

Re “Shootings and CCW permits” (Letters, Oct. 7): I wonder if letter writer John Norman realizes he made a pretty good argument in favor of gun control: “The screening process of training and interview by law enforcement tends to discourage criminals and wackos from applying. The current scrutiny and renewal requirements for CCW permittees includes language that prohibits use of alcohol and drugs, brandishing the weapon and committing any crimes. You can’t even be in an establishment whose primary purpose is serving alcohol. Any of these will get your license revoked.”

Screening. Law enforcement interviews. Training. Scrutiny on renewal. Sounds like a good start on a common-sense gun control law to keep guns out of the hands of crazies and morons.

Timothy Shull, Sacramento

Diagnosing gun obsession

Re “Mom wrote of son’s issues, gun interest” (Page 4B, Oct. 6): The sad irony is that the mother of an unstable young man who was, at times, a danger to himself and others was also a gun fanatic who kept an arsenal of loaded weapons in her home. She bragged of “two full mags in my Glock case. And the AR’s and AK’s all have loaded mags.” This country’s blind obsession with the individual’s Second Amendment gun rights has created a modern-day nightmare that threatens the common welfare of all our citizens.

Cheryl Cook, Nevada City

Frank Davis Knight’s death

Re “Mystery killing of Goodwill worker stuns all who knew him” (Page 3A, Oct 8): Frank Davis Knight did not deserve to die, especially this way. He was a strong, independent, loving man. When a person appreciated by so many is shot on a Monday at 5:30 a.m., something has to be done. There’s a reason gun control is a huge topic. Killers are getting away with it now.

Jorge Sanchez Rodas, Sacramento

Insanity and culpability

Jack Ohman’s depiction of the disingenuous argument of the NRA on gun control is missing one important detail. Wayne LaPierre’s hands should be colored blood red. He, the NRA and spineless politicians are responsible for 30,000 annual gun-related casualties in the U.S. by emasculating intelligent gun laws. It’s a pity the rank-and-file NRA members don’t have the courage to stand up to the NRA leadership.

Jerry Delezenski, Wilton


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