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DMV potty breaks, preschool, gun safety

Caltrans bridge engineer Brian Boal walks the main cable of the new Bay Bridge in 2014.
Caltrans bridge engineer Brian Boal walks the main cable of the new Bay Bridge in 2014. Bay Area News Group file

‘Journalistic malpractice’ – not

Re “Caltrans struggles with rust and trust” (Editorials, Oct. 7): The Sacramento Bee exposed very dangerous flaws in the new Oakland-S.F. Bay Bridge, and the Brown administration pooh-poohed them, stonewalling until forced to give up all pretense. The editorial is right in suggesting that the governor retract his assertion that this was journalistic malpractice. I’m sure I’m not the only one wondering whether the governor is up to admitting fault.

Robert A. Dell’Agostino, Sacramento

Performance, not potty breaks

Re “DMV’s potty break dispute” (The State Worker, Oct. 7): Docking a worker’s pay or charging leave time for “long” bathroom trips may wind up costing taxpayers. While theoretically encouraging employees to sit at their posts, this policy is more likely to encourage grievances requiring hours of additional paperwork and meetings with union representatives. Additionally, it may discriminate against those with health issues who may require more time to use the bathroom. This means possible legal fees and damages.

DMV should focus on efficiencies such as encouraging customers to use the department’s website, enabling customers on hold to be called back later, and training that enables employees to provide the same services in less time. A more holistic approach will be less costly and more effective for taxpayers.

Jason Orta, Sacramento

A break is a break

Jon Ortiz argues that employees at call centers are taking too long of a restroom break. I disagree. A break is a break. Employees now have to keep logs to record what they did and how long they did it for. They are even going as far as docking paychecks. People have the right to do what they want when they are on their own time.

Marie Edwards, Sacramento

Preschool is a priority

Re “Does early education truly help?” (Dan Walters, Oct. 7): The Tennessee preschool study that Walters references is based on a program that lacks quality characteristics. Look at quality preschool programs such as those in West Sacramento, San Francisco, San Mateo and Fresno; children do succeed. Quality preschool for all California children is a must and should be part of any dialogue when considering the current and future economy of our state.

Jesse Ortiz, Yolo County superintendent of schools

Gun safety in school

Re “A deeper way to think about guns“ (Insight, Oct. 6): I completely agree with Shawn Hubler, who explains that in some areas of the country guns are used more as tools, and less as weapons.

I also liked how she said that her high school offered gun safety as an elective. I believe that if more high schools offered gun safety as an elective, high school students would see the danger involved with guns and think twice before going on a rampage.

Pedro Ramirez, Sacramento

Kudos for county program

Re “Training for a life after crime” (Marcos Breton, Oct. 7): The partnership Sacramento County has with the Construction Training NCCT is great. They allow the ex-convicts who haven’t been in for major crimes to work and get better.

Everyone deserves a chance at a new life. The fact that Danielle Callahan realizes she needs to get away from her old life is fantastic. This $19,000 debt being held over her head will never get fixed if she can’t work to make the money. Props to Sacramento County for helping ex-convicts.

Amber Van Wagoner, Sacramento


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