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GOP dysfunction, Obama, electric cars

Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Visalia
Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Visalia McClatchy

Keeping true to principles

Re “McCarthy gives up amid GOP dysfunction” (Editorials, Oct. 9): While it’s true that Democrats unite behind their leaders, they are doing so to the detriment of the public.

Were it not for Democrats’ lock-step compliance, President Barack Obama’s unprecedented abuse of executive power could not have succeeded to the disastrous extent it has. Party first. Party second. Party down the line. That’s the mandate.

Contrast this unified, uncompromising mindset with part of the Republican Party. On the one side is the establishment, the RINOs who fail to differentiate themselves from Democrats.

Confronting them are conservatives who place the country’s welfare, and promises made to the voters who elected them, ahead of party interests.

James McCandless, Roseville

GOP has turned House into a mess

The most powerful and crippling force at work in the once-hierarchical GOP is anger, directed as much at its own leaders as anywhere else. One “party” is the tea party. The other is the more traditional and somewhat mainstream party.

I see these as two separate entities. The tea party includes about two dozen ultraconservatives in the House. Their contempt for compromise drives a nail into any chance of making the House governable.

Let them go their way. They never will win an election. A healthy Republican Party that has perspective and looks to the future and what is good for the country will give us a viable option from which to choose.

Harry Edelstein, Chico

Obama policies have failed us

Re “President’s job approval rises to highest since 2013” (Page 7A, Oct. 10): Only in this leftist liberal wasteland called California could this colossal failure who is our president achieve a positive job approval rating.

I suppose that all the people who were questioned have no knowledge of Barack Obama’s record of epic failures such as vast economic policy failures that have resulted in high unemployment and a boom in welfare and food stamps.

I almost forgot to mention his abandonment of our allies and tacit approval of the maniac mullahs getting nukes. Yeah, great job, Obama.

Donna McCloskey, Auburn

Obama is welcome here any time

Chicago, President Barack Obama’s hometown, is a nice enough place. But winters are so cold.

People in California like the president. Most of us appreciate what he has achieved in office, over often-stiff opposition. Housing is rather pricey here, true, but the Obamas can afford it. Higher education here is excellent.

The Obamas would find cheerful, welcoming people if they were to take up residence in the Golden State. So let’s all write to Gov. Jerry Brown, asking him to extend a formal invitation to the Obamas. They will enrich our state and add to its enduring history of progress in all fields.

Lange Winckler, Lodi

Don’t bring us your huddled masses

Re “California should be mecca for the poor” (Viewpoints, Oct. 8): One only has to read Joe Mathews’ article to understand why California is not the great state that it used to be. Championing that our state should be a “mecca for the poor”? In a time of high unemployment, declining industry and a slow economy, the answer is to pack in more poor people? Just when I think I’ve seen it all, Mathews writes this preposterous idea. Lord help us all from this mindset.

John Drury, Sacramento

EV drivers show kindness

Re “Sparks fly as electric cars outpace charging stations” (Page 4A, Oct. 11): Without exception, I have found a spirit of cooperation among electric car owners. More than once, I’ve had users volunteer to plug my car into a station when they’re done charging. And forget someone pulling my charger out of my car; I have a lock.

Courtesy can only go so far, if we do not have enough stations. Shopping center stations are always busy, and a trip to the Bay Area depends on chargers in Vacaville.

Despite these challenges, I am happy with my Leaf, and as a famous baseball player once said, “If I had to do it over again, I’d do it over again.”

Rosemary Tanfani, Fair Oaks


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