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Democratic debate, Hillary Clinton, Mideast conflict

Letter writers comment on Hillary Rodham Clinton’s performance in the recent Democratic presidential candidates’ debate.
Letter writers comment on Hillary Rodham Clinton’s performance in the recent Democratic presidential candidates’ debate. The Associated Press

Clinton got off easy in the cozy debate

Re “Clinton breezes through a civil Democratic debate” (Editorials, Oct. 15): Of course, Hillary Clinton breezed through the debate. There was no one who took issue with her, including the moderators.

She was praised by four shills who didn’t have a chance of winning the debate, let alone the election.

No one asked how any of the candidates would pay for the tax-increasing programs they proposed. No questions about the budget, deficit, Planned Parenthood or Islamic State. Breezing through the debate doesn’t make a winner.

Tom Orsat, Folsom

Denmark can teach us a thing or two

Why did Bernie Sanders mention Denmark, which is a social democratic country?

People who study these things mostly agree that Denmark has the highest standard of living in the world. The United States is not even in the top 10.

Most of the countries in the top 10 are social democratic countries. The question is what can we learn from those countries that have the highest standards of living?

Charles C. Clayton,

Walnut Grove

Clinton didn’t face tough questions

I was surprised that there were few questions challenging former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Afghanistan, Islamic State, the Taliban and the crisis in the Middle East. It was on her watch that this part of the world became a grave concern to America’s security.

Doug Hinchey, Lincoln

Don’t fear Sanders’ brand of politics

I’m amazed that supposedly intelligent, educated people get exercised over the term “democratic socialism.” People have lost jobs and have seen their salaries stagnate, while the top 1 percent get wealthier.

President Bill Clinton exacerbated the problem by passing the North American Free Trade Agreement, which Hillary Clinton supported, and which sent thousands of jobs overseas. Sanders offers to level the playing field. If he isn’t elected, the 1 percent will continue to win.

Donna Ellis, Sacramento

Clinton is not dependable

Bernie Sanders’ statement that he said he did not care about Hillary Clinton’s email sounds like a sound bite that Clinton’s campaign paid for, not a comment from a competitor.

I’m tired of Clinton lying about her emails. It is not about her emails, but rather about her lack of responsibility in the handling of confidential information.

Leslie H. Brown,


No need to watch the debate

I didn’t have to watch the debate to know what the candidates were going to say. It’s all going to be free: college, food, phones, whatever you need. The problem is there’s nothing more expensive than free stuff.

Of course, they are going to raise taxes on everyone, not just the 1 percent. The anemic economy will still bump along the way it is now.

Steve Sherman, Herald

Mideast conflict is doomed to go on

Re “Palestinian ‘day of rage’ kills 3 Israelis, injures 22” (Page 12A, Oct. 14): Uniting Jerusalem may only be accomplished when there is a cessation of incendiary statements by the president of the Palestinian Authority and Islamic religious leaders.

When will Palestinian extremists who consider butchering random Jews to be the greatest accomplishment of their lives and a great honor to their family realize that this medieval mindset of martyrdom will only make any peace with Israel unattainable?

In what other culture do family members celebrate relatives who murder random people? If this is what is going to be the Palestinians’ unique gift to the world, then God help them and us.

Rabbi Reuven Taff,



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