Letters to the Editor

Status quo, Obamacare, UC regents, racism, etc.

California is not wiser, centered

Re “California, wiser and centered, is outlier again” (Editorials, Nov. 16): The Sacramento Bee’s editorial board is correct that the re-election of Gov. Jerry Brown indicates voter satisfaction with the status quo. This status quo includes the highest poverty level of any state, a school system that produces some of the lowest academic test scores in the nation and $330 billion in unfunded liabilities, which the governor studiously ignores.

It is neither wise nor centered to ignore long-term problems that doom future generations to poverty. Divisiveness and fringe ideas may be exactly what are needed here.

Richard Scott, Carmichael

GOP is committed to failure

Re “No-shows a ‘no’ vote” (Letters, Nov. 16): When I read the letter from Sanford Kozlen, I had to laugh. He says the Democrats lost the elections because Barack Obama is the weakest president in modern history. He suggests the Democrats get some real negotiators in there to deal with the Republicans.

Who are they going to negotiate with? Rand Paul, Mitch McConnell, John Boehner? Perhaps Tom McClintock (he isn’t very busy) or any of the other cabal of Republican leaders who have dedicated themselves to ensuring the president’s administration is a failure?

As for Obamacare, Kozlen says to ask the person whose premiums went up. We could just as easily ask the family who no longer has to use the emergency room as their primary care physician or the person with a pre-existing condition who finally can obtain affordable coverage for the first time. Happy? You bet.

Michael Eady, Sacramento

Drinking the anti-ACA Kool-Aid

Letter writer Sanford Kozlen has a low opinion of Democrats, liberals in general and the Affordable Care Act. Yet it seems that he is buying the anti-Affordable Care Act Kool-Aid: $1,000 a month with a $6,000 deductible? I went through the California care website and managed to get a much better deal than that: under $600 a month, $2,000 deductible. And I’m a 54-year-old man with exiting conditions – I wear a prosthetic leg and have had back and neck issues in the past. Before the Affordable Care Act, I had a terrible time finding any insurance.

Once Kozlen is so far off that mark, makes me wonder about his other conclusions.

Andy Wallace, Davis

The buck stops with regents

Re “Higher tuition won’t aid UC” (Viewpoints, Nov. 16): The public and the media seem to think that the University of California Office of the President runs things at the university. Not so. Under the state constitution, President Janet Napolitano, and everyone else down the very vertical hierarchy of UC, answer ultimately to the Board of Regents, UC’s legal trustees.

To understand how UC got itself into the condition it finds itself in, one must go to the source: the appointed regents and the asleep-at-the-wheel ex-officio regents, including the governor and lieutenant governor. Begin with Richard Blum, husband of Sen. Dianne Feinstein, and his cohort who were appointed in the early 2000s and recently confirmed by the state Senate for second 12-year terms. In 2008, Blum crowed about running UC as a multinational corporation, not an educational institution. The rest of the cast are just puppets.

Kathryn A. Klar, Richmond

Racists, really?

Re “Which America will be back in 2016?” (Forum, Nov. 16): I found offensive Jack Ohman’s suggestion that somehow wanting America back must mean a longing for a return to slavery, racism and oppression of blacks. Implicit in Ohman’s column is that if you’re against President Barack Obama, you must be racist.

As a conservative who disagrees with nearly all of the president’s policies, I am sick and tired of being accused of being racist simply because I disagree with a black president’s policies. I despise racism, bigotry, bullying and hatred. Why is it that if one disagrees with the president’s policies, she or he must be racist?

Ohman asks: “Tell me, which America is coming back in 2016? Because I really need to know.” I’m not sure which America is coming back, but the America I want back has smaller government, fewer regulations, less dependence on government, fewer children born out of wedlock, a strong family structure and a spirit of self-reliance.

Thomas Hoffman, Orangevale

Tired of lies, propaganda

Thanks so much, Jack Ohman, for the terrific article, “Which America will be back in 2016?” I am so tired of the lies and propaganda and deep-seated racism of most Republicans in Congress and elsewhere. It is great to have some well-described comebacks to these whiners.

Ann Rothschild, Sacramento

Bad owner, bad owner!

Re “Bans on dog breeds misinformed, don’t work” (Another View, Nov. 16): Opponents of pit-bull bans say the answer to controlling pit bulls is in owner responsibility and better training. Disciplining the dog owner after he has chased me into my home for the sixth time or after the pit bull has mauled a child or an adult to death is a ridiculous solution.

Yelling “Bad owner!” at the dog is not the answer. Giving local officials – a group that is closer to the problem – the power to ban the dogs is a far better answer. Seriously, how many times have you read about a person being mauled by a Chihuahua?

Michael Santos, Antelope