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Don’t develop without water

Don’t develop without water

Re “Folsom Lake hits lowest depths in 20-plus years” (Page 1A, Oct. 15): I can’t believe the stupidity of the people in charge of managing Folsom. We have all conserved water. Now the City Council has approved 10,800 new homes on the other side of Highway 50.

They say they have planned for the water those new homes would require. How can you plan for something that is not here? They only care about the tax revenue that these houses would provide. What will they do with a city that has dried up?

Deborah Ralls, Folsom

An Auburn Dam alternative

The proposal to build a dam at the Auburn site is full of controversy. How about a dam on the south fork of the American River?

The north fork of the American River would remain untouched. A dam on the south fork would provide flood protection and extra water storage to help make it through droughts. Everyone gets what they want.

Tim Oakes, Somerset

Loomis chief fleeced taxpayers

Re “Judge rules pension was illegally collected” (Insight, Oct. 11): Thanks to The Bee for helping shine a light on this inexcusable misuse of public funds, related to a Loomis town councilman who violated state law by collecting a $60,000 salary for a part-time fire chief job while receiving a $137,000-a-year pension.

Three of us worked to uncover the details, sat through hearings, and provided evidence to the court. The fire board chose to keep this all secret from the public, and chose to support the former fire chief and current council member, David Wheeler, instead of the community.

Taxpayers are on the hook for probably hundreds of thousands of dollars for what CalPERS rightly called fraud. Every board member should resign, and their supporters should do serious soul-searching. Keep an eye on special districts. Corruption spreads when no one is watching.

Janet Thew, Loomis

No desire for new streetcar

Re “Streetcar backers pushing new vote” (Page 3A, Oct. 15): No wonder the people have lost their faith in government. The voters showed they were against the proposed streetcar, and yet bigwigs find a way around the people. People in downtown are in no need of a streetcar and do not need to pay for tourists to use it. Here are empty promises from supporters of the Streetcar Named Disaster.

Sally Lorber, Elk Grove


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