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Breast cancer, minimum wage, Benghazi

A radiologist uses a magnifying glass to check mammograms for breast cancer in Los Angeles.
A radiologist uses a magnifying glass to check mammograms for breast cancer in Los Angeles. The Associated Press

Breast cancer guidelines

Re “Breast cancer test guidelines change” (Page 1A, Oct. 21): The American Cancer Society now says that women do not need mammograms until age 45, instead of 40. The ACS says that the medical literature shows that mammograms can result in false positives, do not reduce the likelihood of death, and can result in women being overtreated.

I strongly disagree with their conclusion. Most women would prefer a false positive over cancer. Breast cancer is more aggressive in premenopausal women than in postmenopausal women. By pushing mammograms back to 45, younger women may not even be screened.

Mammograms help us find tumors. Having had breast cancer, I can say that early is never early enough.

Audrey Millemann, Davis

No self-exams?

Self-examinations for breast cancer are unnecessary now? With that guideline, our daughter would have been dead from breast cancer at 40.

Because of her diligence, she found a small Stage 1 tumor. A subsequent mammogram did not reveal it but a biopsy did and, after treatment, she is now completely healthy.

Mammograms are a good tool, but many women have dense breast tissues that hide small tumors. A monthly self-exam is absolutely vital in detecting cancer in its earliest stages.

Georgia Ramm, Lincoln

Total comp fosters equality

Re “Minimum-wage fight also about gender equality” (Viewpoints, Oct. 21): Heather Fargo maligned total compensation by claiming it creates sexism and inequality in the restaurant industry. Counter to her claims, total compensation is part of the solution to workplace inequality.

Under the current compensation structure, back-of-house employees – who are mostly Latino – do not receive the same financial benefits as tipped workers. Total compensation will help equalize this discrepancy by allocating more to non-tipped employees, benefiting the lowest paid workers regardless of gender. Meanwhile, tipped employees are guaranteed to make well above the increased minimum wage.

Unsurprisingly, Fargo’s data is from the labor-backed Restaurant Opportunities Center United. Sacramento leaders should keep focused on the task force’s balanced proposal that was based on the facts.

Matt Sutton, Sacramento

Benghazi hearing or theater?

Re “Disband the Benghazi committee, now” (Editorials, Oct. 23): As I watched and listened to Hillary Clinton testify at the Benghazi hearing, I couldn’t help but notice the line of questioning by the Republicans, which seemed to be straight out of theater of the absurd.

Were he alive today, Harold Pinter would have hired the whole lot to star in a new play titled “The Committee.”

Keith Carmona, Roseville

‘Accomplishment’ or indictment?

Comparing her to Clinton, the editorial board refers to “Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards, another accomplished woman.” This claim evidences how far from reality and truth the editorial board resides. What Richards has “accomplished” is an organization that just may be the most prolific child-killing machine in American history. What a glorious accomplishment.

Terry McDermott, Sacramento

Clinton was in charge

According to The Bee, the committee is politically motivated. But the real issues are the Obama administration and former Secretary of State Clinton’s stories about the cause of the attack. I believe those were politically motivated, to get the president re-elected. Was the secretary not in charge?

Carlos Negrete, Roseville

Democrats should boycott

Being retired, I took the time to watch every minute of the marathon hearing. Instead of seeking additional answers to what went wrong, Republican representatives devoted all their oratory and questions to trying to denigrate the character and weaken the candidacy of Hillary Clinton. It was a sorry spectacle, and Clinton deserves a medal for her calm, unflappable demeanor. If the committee does not disband, the Democratic members should boycott future sessions so it will be revealed as the political witch hunt it is.

Robert Irelan, Rancho Murieta


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