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Minimum wage, immigration reform, Alzheimer’s, etc.

The bare necessities

Re “Mayor’s push on minimum wage” (Page A1, Nov. 27): Mayor Kevin Johnson is showing leadership on the minimum wage issue. Workers should receive a wage that enables them to pay for the bare necessities of life: food, decent shelter and clothing. They can’t do that on today’s minimum wage.

The state Legislature and governor have not had the political will to raise the minimum wage to an adequate level. If enough local agencies in California raise the minimum wage, that will make it politically easier for the state to do the same. I hope that Mayor Johnson’s initiative will result in a more adequate income for workers in Sacramento and that it will encourage other cities and counties to follow this city’s example. I also am pleased that the mayor recognizes that he can be a strong political leader without amending the city charter.

Gerald M. Pauly, Sacramento

GOP wants immigration bill

Re “GOP political suicide” (Letters, Nov. 27): Letter writer Noemi Murillo says the Republican Party is coming across as racist and inhumane. The facts are the GOP very much wants to settle the immigration issue and pass a bill. They want a bill that is brought forth like our Founding Fathers described in the Constitution, as polls show most Americans do.

The president should have given the new Congress two to three months to craft a bill that addresses things like border security.

Douglas Hinchey, Lincoln

Who’s really to blame

Re “GOP political suicide” (Letters, Nov. 27): The letter was obviously written by a Democrat since she is not accepting any responsibility and is just blaming it on the Republicans.

First of all, it was the illegal immigrants who brought their families here knowing they can be deported. The GOP did not make that decision. They just want to enforce our laws and secure our border. Obama chose to not enforce our immigration laws and blames everyone else for the problems. He gives the illegal immigrants benefits and pays for their education. Our bridges and highways need work, but Obama has no problem robbing working Americans and giving it to illegal immigrants.

Don’t blame the GOP. Blame the illegal immigrants who made the decision to come to the USA.

Leslie Brown, Sacramento

Fund Alzheimer’s research

Re “A wife’s devotion eases a long loss” (Page A1, Nov. 23): November is National Caregivers Month. For those caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease, I am both thankful for all you do as well as profoundly saddened by the difficulties caregivers face every day.

My father is a caregiver for his wife, living with her in an Alzheimer’s facility so they can be together as they walk the difficult path of this horrible disease. As I watch the suffering they face, I am reminded of the millions who live through similar hopeless days coping with Alzheimer’s and other dementia.

I would ask Rep. Tom McClintock and all of our leaders to take all action possible to stop this horrible disease from continuing. Please fund the research to find a cure.

Jennifer Harrington, Roseville

Teens prosecuted for political gain

Re “Engineer testifies about gang attack” (Our Region, Nov. 26): I attended the trial of these four Hispanic boys in Yolo County. At the time of this incident, this Amtrak engineer was a recent Iraq war veteran, who at the time of his employment was on two different antidepressant drugs. Testimony was these boys had done this to this driver before, harassing him with different pranks, including standing on the tracks.

The engineer testified he stopped, got out, walked up to the kid standing on the track and punched him in the face six or seven times as hard as he could. Then things got crazy. The train crew testified they started throwing rocks back at the kids.

District Attorney Jeff Reisig used this incident for his own political purposes, charging and convicting four 14-year-olds to 10 years each in adult prison. Reisig shackled these boys during trial, with four or five bailiffs for protection. It was and is a tragedy. Check the reporter’s court transcripts for verification.

Tim McKinnon, West Sacramento

Let the adults debate

Re “UC pay a problem” (Letters, Nov. 27): Sean McKenna’s response to Kitty Calavita’s argument about the need to fix the Proposition 13 tax loophole as a way to bolster UC funding is not only off-base, but it wandered way off the field of play and into the bullpen.

Calavita’s argument cannot be faulted by anyone who applies an unbiased mind to the question. Unfortunately, McKenna has skipped the necessaries and gone straight to the absurd with a shabby attempt to call into question the ethics and motives of Calavita. He would do well to keep quiet and let the adults debate this one.

Bruce Ertle, Chico


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