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LETTERS Leaders aren’t taking drought seriously

Sprinklers water a lawn in July in Sacramento.
Sprinklers water a lawn in July in Sacramento. The Associated Press

Worried about water conservation

Re “California conservation is way below water goal” (Page A1, Dec. 3): As a San Joaquin Valley resident, I find myself very concerned with the lack of government enforcement since this drought began. I cannot understand why officials, especially Gov. Jerry Brown, are not making this a serious matter. It seems like such a serious matter to the public. They display this issue on the news as if California isn’t in serious trouble.

These officials claimed that citizens would be expecting a fine if they were reported to be using too much water, yet this petty threat did not do a thing, which is exactly why the percentage of water usage has actually risen! I suppose that the disastrous wildfires we experienced earlier this year have not been a loud enough alarm. Even if Mother Nature has been very generous in the past few days, state officials need to step up and enforce regulations before we find ourselves in another state of emergency.

Jasmine Madrigal, Stockton


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