Letters to the Editor

Water bond, conversation on race, sheriff and civics, etc.

A letter writer says there is vast potential to waste money from the recently passed $7.5 billion water bond.
A letter writer says there is vast potential to waste money from the recently passed $7.5 billion water bond. Sacramento Bee file

Waste and water bond

Re “No room for waste in California’s water bond” (Editorial, Nov. 30): The Sacramento Bee’s editorial appropriately noted that there is vast potential to waste money from the $7.5 billion water bond approved last month. California government must target problems and effectively implement projects. California government’s track record on such pursuits is sadly lacking.

Stephen Green, Fair Oaks

A dishonest conversation

Re “Conversation on race in America is stuck on repeat” (Editorials, Nov. 30): The left and their mainstream media accomplices are the only ones clamoring for this conversation on race. They don’t intend for a conversation at all. They intend it to be a monologue, a finger-wagging harangue, a shaming of their opponents. There will be no conversation on race, thanks to the towering dishonesty and bad faith of leftists and the media who feign to clamor for it.

Louis Bricano, Sacramento

Racial exclusion runs both ways

In order to get people involved in a conversation on race, we first need to define what it is we hope to accomplish to our mutual benefit. If Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson wants to be a leader on this issue, he might give some thought to how it comes across to express Ferguson, Mo., comments on television asking only black members of the City Council to stand with him. And, as head of the national mayor’s group, to also form a separate black mayors group. True leadership needs to be all-inclusive.

Lorraine Gervais, Sacramento

A civics lesson

Re “Sheriff should learn civics” (Letters, Nov. 30): Why didn’t President Barack Obama pass immigration legislation in his first two years in office when Democrats had majorities in both houses of Congress?

Jeffrey Booth, Rocklin

A home for the homeless

Re “Leaders dither, homeless shiver” (Editorials, Nov. 23): Why is it that dealing with the homeless is just a city issue and not one that impacts the whole county? These human beings need a place to shelter from the weather. They need a place to regroup and get themselves ready each day and a place to come home to at day’s end. It can’t just be some weeklong pass to an old crusty motel.

Right now, there is the empty Sacramento County Boy’s Ranch that has rooms indoors, showers, bathrooms, kitchen, a medical area and enough space for counselors and job coordinators. Yet it remains vacant.

No offense to Sacramento, but isn’t it time we took care of those living in harsh weather conditions? We have a ready facility that can house the homeless, so all that is needed is our locally elected officials to get off the dime and do something instead of talk endlessly in circles.

Robert A. Gorham, Sacramento