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Islamic State, Paris attacks, Bush

U.S. lacks commitment

Re “Retaliation, revelations and resolve” (Page 1A, Nov. 16): I am one step to the right of a “tree hugger,” but one need only read this article to understand the lack of commitment the United States (and the West in general) has toward defeating the Islamic State.

I have to ask why the U.S. was able to give “strike package” information to the French for their warplanes to attack. These training camps, ammunition depots and command posts should have been destroyed long ago. The Islamic State seems bound and determined to drag us into the third crusade. It’s time to open our eyes to their reality.

Jon Wolfson, Sacramento

Foreign occupation breeds terror

The calls for more “boots on the ground” are growing louder. More violence will stop the violence, it is declared.

But Pentagon studies have found that foreign military occupation is the primary cause of terrorism.

Foreign Policy magazine reported similar findings from the University of Chicago’s Project on Security and Terrorism. It analyzed more than 2,200 suicide attacks across the world from 1980 to the present day and found that more than 95 percent of these violent acts are in response to “foreign occupation.”

Jim Ward, Sacramento

France is a strong ally against terror

Re “Attack was ‘act of war’ ” (Page 1A, Nov. 15): To anyone who follows the avenging modus operandi of terrorist groups, the massacre in Paris was bound to happen. France is our only NATO ally that is “all in” in the air war in Syria and Iraq. Great Britain dipped a token toe in the war, but quickly withdrew.

France has been flying anti-Islamic State and anti-Taliban sorties from United Arab Emirates and Jordanian bases for many months.

John Garon, Placervile

West’s foreign policy to blame

Our foreign policy and that of our allies have created an out-of-control savage monster. We invaded countries and muddled their internal affairs. We bombed and tortured their innocent civilians and robbed them of their peaceful existence and replaced that with living in fear.

When will we learn that citizens of the world have the same desire to live peacefully?

Samira Al-Qazzaz,


Obama not taking threat seriously

Was anybody shocked by the attacks in Paris? Would anyone be shocked if they happened here and were much worse?

That this happened across an ocean should give us minimal comfort. And it should give us less than minimal comfort that our commander in chief thinks that climate change, not Islamic terrorism is our greatest threat, and that the day before the attacks he said that the Islamic State had been “contained.”

Never has a man been more unfit for the times we face than this president.

Charles Hummer,

El Dorado Hills

Bush sowed seeds of Paris

After 9/11, Americans were told by the Bush administration that Iraq was responsible for the attacks, but many foreign policy experts warned of actions that would destabilize the entire region and would create religious factions killing each other.

Now we have the Islamic State. The Bush administration is responsible. Now we are faced with the daunting task of what to do now.

There are some who supported the Iraq war who are now trying to pin the blame on the Obama administration.

Don’t let them. Go back and read all the criticisms of invading the wrong country, Iraq.

Don Brown, Sacramento

Congress is listening to public

Re “Congress fails on Guantánamo Bay prison” (Editorials, Nov. 11): The Bee’s editorial board states that President Barack Obama’s failure to keep his promise to close Guantanamo Bay prison is not his fault, but rather that of Congress. He had his chance to close the prison after he was first elected when fellow Democrats controlled Congress, and didn’t.

Now, seven years later, by a Senate vote of 91-3, he has been rebuked. When has the Senate ever been this unified in recent memory? And now it’s the fault of Congress?

Apparently the editorial board doesn’t understand the concept of the “will of the people.”

Randy Rendig, Camino


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