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Other nations must fight terrorists

Other nations must fight terrorists

Re “Obama is right to resist the warmongers” (Editorials, Nov. 17): I agree with the president not sending our service men and women to Syria to respond to the horrible terrorist attacks in France. Why does the U.S. have to fight another country’s battle?

France has a military; let it send troops to respond to what has occurred on its own turf. All these other countries that have been attacked by terrorists should send their troops to respond to the Islamic State hatemongers. The more outside military forces that are actively involved in the fight, then we as a global community can eradicate these terrorists.

Narva Wilson, Stockton

Obama has no strategy

President Barack Obama is completely delusional and incompetent in his nonexistent strategy to defeat radical Muslims. France has declared war, and we should stand with them now.

The editorial, “if there is an attack in America, all bets are off.”

It’s not a question of if, but when. These people intend to kill us here in our homeland. And you are going to wait along with Obama until this happens.

Ted Hart, Rancho Murieta

Phase in parking rate hike

Re “City Council OKs 50-cent an hour hike in parking meter rates” (Page 5A, Nov. 12): The fee at Sacramento parking meters will increase to $1.75 an hour starting in mid-December. Why the rush?

Why doesn’t the Sacramento City Council phase in this 50-cent rate hike over five years, as they will for the increase in the city’s minimum wage, which will rise to $12.50 an hour in 2020. Fair is fair, right?

Dan Martin Jr.,

Citrus Heights

Residents get no say, again

Sacramento residents were not allowed to vote on the costly downtown arena and were saddled with it against their wishes. Now, it seems we’re being forced to use dirty and inconvenient light rail to attend games due to the scarcity of parking downtown.

I see the big wheels selling prime parking spots to other wealthy sports supporters, and other parking being sold and rationed. Now street parking is going to be out of reach for the casual downtown visitor. Unless you are shallow enough to need to be opiated by basketball, why would you go downtown now?

Carol McElheney,

Elk Grove

Higher parking rates a mistake

Way to go, Sacramento City Council! If you raise parking rates high enough, you can reduce the number of people who shop in downtown Sacramento to zero.

Oh, I forgot, we have to pay for the downtown arena folly.

Carl Hauge, Sacramento

Keep drugs out of drinking water

Re “A big step back on drug safety” (Viewpoints, Nov. 11): The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency did a 10-year study that showed pharmaceuticals are appearing in water supplies, even after going through treatment plants.

Most disturbing is the presence of small amounts of antibiotics in drinking water, which was proved in 2006 to contribute markedly to resistance.

What’s more important in protecting the health of Californians than ensuring the reliability of antibiotics?

It seems the state Board of Pharmacy is more interested in relieving the sellers of pharmaceuticals of the task of disposing of unused prescriptions than preventing a superbug that could sicken or kill thousands.

Sue Wilson, Fiddletown

Wage hike will hit everyone

Re “Protest pushes to raise wages” (Business, Nov. 11): Everyone knows that minimum-wage jobs are entry-level opportunities. Small-business owners like me are hanging by a thread all over the country. The majority of us are not getting rich off of our employees. That includes most owners of fast-food establishments.

So let me suggest that there will be a ripple effect. If you are going to give a 50 percent increase in minimum wage, you can expect all other hourly employees to want the same increase. If you want to pay more for everything because you are so well off, then by all means support a $15-an-hour minimum wage.

People need to realize there will be unintended consequences, layoffs and higher prices.

John Hein, Rancho Murieta


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