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Taxes, lawmakers, Curtis Park, Middle East, etc.

How about some tax cuts?

Re “Analyst predicts more state budget surpluses” (Page 1A, Nov. 19): I am ready to mount an insurrection. There was not a single word about lowering taxes. No, the Taxocratic Party (aka Democrats) want even more. They want to extend the Proposition 30 income tax and create new taxes with multiple ballot measures planned.

California already has earned its place as “tax hell” with the highest personal and corporate taxes in the country, while doing nothing to deal with huge unfunded pension obligations or inefficient government agencies.

Rob Dobson, Granite Bay

The influence of money

Re “Luxury junket for lawmakers has defenders” (Insight, Nov. 19): A trip to Hawaii with no obligations on the lawmakers whatsoever to do anything for those who sent them there? Yeah, right.

By accepting such gifts, legislators either impaired their impartiality or caused voters to perceive it as being impaired. Unfortunately, I believe we have the best government that money can buy – and money has bought it.

Debra Anderson,


Divide and conquer failed

Re “Gas station debate rejects a fossil fuel” (Page 3A, Nov. 19): It was very gratifying to see Curtis Park and Oak Park neighborhood leaders and residents and City Council members reject the race-baiting politics of this developer on this project. The council showed it would not be bamboozled by this attempt to divide and conquer.

Bruce Pierini, Sacramento

Neighborhoods need jobs

Hey, Paul Petrovich and Safeway, we’ll take your gas station and jobs since Curtis Park doesn’t want them. We’d love to have any services out here in the Del Paso Heights area. We already have a spot for you with easy freeway access. No competition either since other high-end markets are miles away. So forget the whiners and give us a chance.

Karen Brown, Sacramento

Help other students, too

Re “Corinthian report aids students who have college debt” (Page 7A, Nov. 18): It’s interesting that Corinthian students can get their loans excused while victims of other for-profit diploma mills are still stuck with theirs.

My son has a useless degree from another local “institute” that made the same promises of job placement but failed to live up to its commitments. Unfortunately, he’s still obligated to repay his debt while the “institute” continues to operate and receive even more taxpayer funding.

John Soltesz, Orangevale

Can’t Sunnis and Shiites get along?

Re “Muslims shouldn’t call killers ‘Islamic’ ” (Viewpoints, Nov. 18): Waseem Bawa made some good points. Contrary to what seems to be a growing attitude, Islam is a peaceful religion. Sadly, many of our nation’s Muslims have not been heard when they decry the atrocities perpetrated by the Islamic State.

Peace in the Middle East cannot come until the Sunnis and Shiites can live together in harmony, or at least without violence. American Muslims in the two denominations seem to be living side by side without acrimony. How have they done it? Is there something we can learn from them that could be used to help bring peace between the factions of Islam?

Eileen Glaholt, Sacramento

Beneath your standards

Re “Probably a future terrorist anyway” (Editorial cartoon, Nov. 19): The cartoon depicting Speaker Paul Ryan looking at a dead Syrian child is way below the standards of any respected newspaper. Republican or Democrat, one must find this cartoon as disgusting and inappropriate as I do.

Michael Dow, Rocklin

Cartoon was deplorable

I understand that Paul Ryan and Donald Trump provide political fodder. But it is truly disgusting that you would even consider printing a cartoon depicting the story of a real child who was found dead on a beach. Using a dead baby to jab at politicians or anyone is deplorable.

Doreen Pendleton, Folsom


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