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Guns a national security issue

A makeshift memorial stands at a San Bernardino street corner the day after a mass shooting claimed 14 lives at the nearby Inland Regional Center.
A makeshift memorial stands at a San Bernardino street corner the day after a mass shooting claimed 14 lives at the nearby Inland Regional Center. Los Angeles Times

Guns a national security issue

Re “Lawmakers in familiar schism on gun control” (Insight, Dec. 4): As the events in Paris and San Bernardino have shown, the terrorist threat we face is not so much from people coming from outside our country, as from within – our own citizens becoming radicalized by terrorist propaganda. Therefore, bombastic rhetoric denouncing refugees does not make us safer. On the other hand, gun control should be part of a comprehensive national security policy. Any politician opposing sensible gun control measures is allowing potential terrorists easy access to weapons and is therefore weak on national security.

Lindy Tillement, Rio Linda

More guns needed, not fewer

Re “San Bernardino shooting shocking, yet almost normal” (Editorials, Dec. 3): Here is a law to enact: every law-abiding-citizen who wants a gun and wishes to carry a concealed weapon can and should.

Of course, the guns will be need to be registered and proper training taken. Terrorists are murdering cowards. If they know that citizens are armed, I believe they will think twice about committing mass murders.

A second law to pass is to require a mandatory 18 months’ military service spent in the U.S. Army, trained in how to defend the country. More guns in the hands of trained, law-abiding citizens is the answer.

Richard K. Thompson, Roseville

Sitting down to make a point

Re “California congresswoman won’t stand for moment of silence” (Sacbee.com, Dec. 3): A lot of people find Rep. Jackie Speier’s actions disrespectful, but I think she has the perfect response. I respect her for recognizing that it is better to do nothing and get a point across than to pretend to do something while doing nothing. We need more representatives that genuinely care about the issues and not just putting on a show while continuing to do nothing.

I know many Americans are scared that the government will take their guns away, but it’s even more frustrating that we are doing nothing to attempt to solve a problem we all know exists. I would appreciate any minor solution at this point.

Waseemah Ali, Stockton

The blessing of ignorance?

Re “The NRA is our domestic ISIS” (Letters, Dec. 4): Saying that the NRA is comparable to ISIS is absurd. The same could be said for the Girl Scouts, as they sell cookies that can make you fat. Our system of government is based on personal responsibility and accountability.

Naturally, after the horrible event in San Bernardino, the morally bankrupt politicos scream for more laws. Well, we have enough already, as the article about how they got their guns shows.

Andrew Mattson, Roseville


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