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Obama’s speech reassured no one

Obama’s speech reassured no one

Re “Obama aims to be reassuring voice” (Page 1A, Dec. 7): The idea that the president seeks to calm the American people’s jittery nerves is laughable. The reality is simple. The JV team has put the president on his back.

We’re playing the pros. He’s the only one who doesn’t get it. He is naive, inept and has no strategy. He needs to step aside and let a committed, realistic leader of the free world assume a practical and secure direction for our nation.

Mark Roberts, Loomis

Terrorists control by using fear

Profiling is the reactive, counterproductive behavior seen during WWII when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. After that attack, more than 127,000 Japanese-American citizens were imprisoned because they looked like the enemy.

These terrorists are selling an ideology to anyone. It doesn’t matter – age, race or gender – as long as you can help further their cause. If we are to beat the terrorists we have to be proactive, not reactive.

Jairus Y. Goines, West Sacramento

Immigrants are good Americans

First- and second-generation immigrants will support the United States. Italian, German and Japanese Americans fought valiantly against Nazis and Fascism. At first their loyalty was questioned, but when given a chance, they helped defeat the evil systems.

A. J. Ponzo, Rocklin

Pearl Harbor’s lesson is lost

Re “Lessons we can learn from response to Pearl Harbor” (Editorials, Dec. 7) Today’s editorial said “we all must rise to the occasion – with the strength to set aside fear, the courage to act and the determination to follow through.”

How does this square with the current president? He won’t say their name, and dismissively calls them “JV team.” Where is the courage?

Regarding the point about banning “no-fly list” gun purchases, none of the recent mass killers were on any no-fly list.

Dennis Nicholls, Sacramento

Don’t forget Japanese internees

Opinions expressed in editorial are commendable. But I found one glaring omission. There was no mention of the internment of 100,000 people of Japanese descent after the attack on Pearl Harbor.

The editorial used Pearl Harbor as an example of America’s ability to set aside fear and mount a response. Fear was not set aside with this response. How do we learn from the past when we don’t include the whole picture?

Tom Kent, Rio Linda

Let women fight if they want

Re “Not seeing differences in sexes” (Letters, Dec. 7): Letter writer Bill Jurkovich is furious with President Barack Obama for treating women as equals in our military, when they should be at home “nurturing.”

Women have been serving in all aspects of the military for decades. Obama is not forcing them into direct combat. He is respecting their wishes to serve in that capacity. Some women leaving the military already suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, the same as men, and some men stay home to nurture their families.

The next thing you know, women are going to demand equal pay.

Stephen Farr, Folsom

Trump is an Obama antidote

I used to lean left. However, with all the insane policies Obama and his party are promulgating with their political correctness, the radicalization of our courts, demonizing of our police, psychotic foreign and immigration policies, I have been pushed to the right.

I know Donald Trump isn’t perfect, but he is a smart and experienced leader with a proven track record. I would rather hear his controversial, but extemporaneous truths than all other politicians’ scripted and sanitized lies.

Scott Tramell, El Dorado Hills

Trump will aid billionaire class

Donald Tump’s popularity is frightening. People are forgetting because of Trump’s wealth and that he grew up rich, he is indoctrinated into the billionaire class.

He would make decisions that benefit him and his friends, and the rest of us would get shortchanged. Aside from the racist remarks and the fascist policies he proposes, we should be afraid that he thinks because he’s rich, he can do whatever he wants. That kind of thinking nearly crippled our economy in 2008.

Aaron Young, Sacramento


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