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Christians should confront bigots

Donald Trump has drawn the attention of many letter writers.
Donald Trump has drawn the attention of many letter writers. The Associated Press

Re “Trump stands by no-Muslims plan” Page 1A, Dec. 9): Do you hear the ugly echoes from the past? Do you remember how fascist demagogues rose by blaming a scapegoat for all a nation's ills?

Let us not go there again. You who claim to be Christians, or anyone with a brain and a heart, should prove it. Tell Trump to leave, and take a Muslim to lunch.

D.F. Clement, Sacramento

Muslims must speak out

As a Holocaust escapee, it is interesting to observe the present political picture and American state of mind.

We and other Western nations are under attack by jihadists, a sub-section of the Muslim faith. Just as there were good Germans in Germany, there are good Muslims. But good Germans stood by silently and did nothing to stop a small, evil group of Germans take over.

The same is happening now. Where are the good Muslims? Why are most Muslims silent, and take no action to stop evil? Why do they not speak up and rise up against jihad? Those who do not heed history will see history repeat itself.

Horst Weinberg, Sacramento

Shooting range workers failed us

Re “FBI tracks killer couple's weapons, radicalization” (Page 1A, Dec. 8): Let's see if we have this correct: an employee of the Riverside shooting range described Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik as normal. Sure, if this were a range in Syria. But it wasn't. A man and woman, pictured on the front page of Tuesday Bee, walk into a gun range to practice with semi automatic rifles, and no one picks up the phone to call authorities.

I am reminded of the Florida flight school that had a student learning to take-off airliners, but not land them.

Ross du Clalir, Elk Grove

Visa vetting process failed us

What we are now learning about the terrorists who attacked in Southern California merely confirms the fact that our screening process for immigrants is woefully inadequate.

Donald Trump's call for a temporary block on all Muslims is a good idea, until our process can be vetted. This is not an indictment of all Muslims. It is an indictment of our immigration process.

Leonard Carniato, Lincoln

Terrorists must surrender

It is time to tell terrorists and the caliphate what we want: Their unconditional surrender. That's what we did after Pearl Harbor. Wasn't easy then. Won't be easy now. We either enslave ourselves to fear of caliphate and their terrorists, or we fight them until their surrender. They have made their choice. Let's show them ours.

Raymond Mikelionis, Auburn

Trump is not a terrorist

The Sacramento Bee editorial board is more concerned and afraid of Donald Trump than it is of Islamic extremists.

Bill Moore, El Dorado Hills

Terrorists come in many forms

Terrorism can appear under any religious or political guise. Should we deport all anti-abortionists, gun rights advocates or environmentalists? Each of these groups, and many others, have individuals who might cross the line.

It’s not a religious issue; it's a human issue. When we can accept diversity, it can enrich us. To join in terror with our own terror only makes terror contagious. Instead, let's include some courage and compassion within our firmly rooted resolution to defend as well as prevent and uproot the causes of terrorist dysfunction.

Craig Rieser, Sacramento

Ted Cruz is unfit to lead

Sen. Ted Cruz' refusal to condemn Donald Trump's attack on our Constitution recalls Gov. Jerry Brown's comments on "Meet The Press" following Cruz’s lies about climate change: Cruz is "absolutely unfit" to run for public office.

Luis Cespedes, Sacramento

Let’s make America great again

I agree with Donald Trump. It is time to make America great again, and show the courage that previous generations showed in the face of tyranny.

Much of our national dialogue is driven by cowards who hide behind a wall; who can’t appear in public without handguns; and are afraid of anyone with a different skin color or religion than their own.

Fear and hatred didn’t make America great. It’s time to show the world that we as a people have the courage and the will to stand up for what we know in our hearts to be right and just, no matter what the cost.

Richard Hanson, Carmichael

It’s the end of the line for GOP

Whether Trump is the Republican nominee or runs as an Independent the party is over for the GOP.

Paula Wallace, Folsom


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