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Shut bureaucracy, save money

Shut bureaucracy, save money

Re “Sacramento parking meter rates to rise this week” (Page 2B, Dec. 6): City officials say the higher meter rates reflect the real costs of administering the city’s parking division, which is subsidized by the general fund. The city is counting on higher parking revenue to free up general fund money to help repay bonds used for the city’s $255 million contribution to the arena.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to have free parking citywide and shut down the parking division? It’s losing money anyway.

Peter Tellier, Laguna Beach

Bicyclists must follow rules

Ten days ago, after passing through a California State University, Sacramento, intersection at 6:30 a.m., a motorist shouted to me his appreciation that I had stopped. His compliment reinforced my opinion that most cyclists do not stop at intersections.

When bicycling at intersections, my experience is that motorists seem ready for me to act like a juvenile rider. The motorists seem justified to be annoyed with us cyclists.

How can we cause the transformation that results in greater earned respect for cyclists?

The path toward that respect would be to consistently behave predictably, in accordance with the law.

Peter Hewitt, Sacramento

Rail to airport is too costly

Re “Light rail’s bumpy road to airport” (Insight, Dec. 8): We’ve been waiting 25 years for the extension of the line down the I-80 East corridor that was promised when light rail was envisioned over 30 years ago.

We have watched as every other corridor was extended or built without any mention of I-80. I bet it would cost a fraction of the estimated $1 billion for the Green Line and could be built in a fraction of the time.

Let’s not do what was promised and is practical given their financial shape. Let’s do what isn’t practical, isn’t financially doable, but is sexy. So we will waste our limited resources on the impossible dream and then ask you to pay even more in taxes.

Clifford Vose, Antelope

Light rail must follow I-5

Years ago, the concept of light rail to the airport was a nonstarter in the neighborhood most affected. Numerous meetings were held. We have been voiceless and ignored while the powers that be decided to run the line right up the middle of our homes.

Can anyone under any circumstances see the city supporting a line up the middle of H Street, splitting neighbors, eliminating yards, crossing McKinley Park and uprooting trees?

Light rail needs to follow I-5 until it passes into the new commercial areas, or forget the whole stupid idea.

Rory Barlew, Sacramento


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