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Trump editorial, gun violence

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump greets supporters before speaking at a campaign rally in Davenport, Iowa, on Dec. 5.
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump greets supporters before speaking at a campaign rally in Davenport, Iowa, on Dec. 5. The Associated Press

Trump should return to reality TV

Re “Donald Trump is a demagogue and a danger to democracy” (Editorials, Dec. 6): I once thought that the Republican Party would eventually implode from the sheer weight of the antiquated policies it continued to resurrect and espouse. The GOP has become an anachronistic dinosaur intent on moving this country backward to the inequalities and prejudices of the beginning of the previous century.

Donald Trump is a perfect match for the narrow-minded approach his party seems to endorse. Trump prefers to insult, to pursue character assassination in lieu of platform definition, and to dabble in histrionics as opposed to constructive debate. Trump likewise refuses to engage in any detailed discussion of substantive issues and instead makes vague, bombastic promises about his ability to lead and solve problems.

Trump, please return to your reality TV shows and leave the stewardship of the United States to one of the many, many others more qualified and deserving. It is far more important to have character than to be one.

Clinton F. Gatewood, El Dorado Hills

We might be better off with Trump

Again, The Bee’s editorial board shows its liberal prejudices. Yes, Trump, like all politicians, including Hillary Clinton, lies. What The Bee does not acknowledge: Trump, with all his faults, is the only candidate in either party who, if he wins, is not financially beholden to anyone. He would run the government like his business: hire or appoint the best possible people, not choose an incompetent Cabinet and personal assistants based on cronyism and debt owed for money given.

The Bee does not seem to understand that we the people are unhappy with the status quo: a president looking out only for himself, who lies to get re-elected, passes laws that do not apply to themselves and makes empty promises but never keeps them.

Trump may not be an ideal president, but he would be a breath of fresh air in a stagnant electorate, and the country just might be better off.

Horst Weinberg, Sacramento

Thankful some are speaking up

I often think of the day-to-day places where I don’t speak up about what I believe. I live in a conservative area with old “Yes on Proposition 8” bumper stickers prevalent and still some Confederate flags flying from trucks. Too often have I quietly sat by and not spoken up when confronted by what I consider the hate speech of a tea party parent on the soccer team I volunteered to coach or the negative conservative religious views of the people in my life.

The editorial about Donald Trump made me proud of my local paper. We need to speak up in defense of rational thought. This, watching the movie “Spotlight” and the New York Times front-page editorial on gun control laws made me once again thankful for the people who invest their lives in running our local and national papers and speaking the truth.

Pam Erbe, Elk Grove

Trump will help take country back

The editorial board surely enjoys bashing Donald Trump. Let’s face the facts and understand this political phenomenon. Trump is the only candidate who tells it like it is – no holds barred. This is what’s so refreshing about him and what people want and why he will be our next president.

America is fed up with the so-called establishment and especially with political correctness gone awry, and come November this will all change as Americans take back their country.

J. Giordano, Sacramento

Trump’s behavior is not acceptable

We need to ask Donald Trump what he can really do for our country. Honestly, we don’t need to even hear his answer. Trump is a bully, and his opinions aren’t based on reason or actual experience. We must show Trump his behavior is not acceptable. Giving him the privilege of being president would ruin everything our country has worked for.

Brittney Ward, Carmichael

Ed board acts like Chicken Little

Oh for Pete’s sake, The Sacramento Bee’s editorial board should stop acting like Chicken Little. I think Donald Trump is a jerk, and I would never vote for him, but he is no “danger to democracy.” The board is wrong to excoriate other Republican candidates without naming them and giving examples of “ridiculous, hateful things” they are saying. Unless, of course, the board wishes to give the impression that all 12 are evil.

This republic will survive Trump; it will little note nor long remember him, no matter how much the media feasts on him. What the editorial board is missing is what he isn’t, not what he is. He’s not a professional politician who parses his words so carefully that it is difficult to know what he really believes. There’s obviously a demand for plain talk, however objectionable, amongst many Americans; other candidates should take heed.

Harvey Swenson, Sacramento

Editorial shows courageous role

The editorial is spot on, and is a credit to the articulate, intelligent and courageous role that this editorial board provides our community.

Perhaps, if German newspapers during the 1930s had exhibited similar attributes as does The Sacramento Bee, Hitler and his insanity might have been forestalled. Perhaps now, a pitiable echo of such sentiments shared by so many Germans during the period of Hitler’s ascendancy, Trump may also be shunted to the dung heap of history.

My only complaint: This editorial, in a huge break with precedent, should have occupied the front page; it is that good, and it is that important.

Stephen R. Hoover, Sacramento

Editorial misses why he is popular

This is an anonymous brainwashing editorial. I may or may not vote for Donald Trump, but the least the Sacramento Bee’s editorial board should recognize is that Trump is ahead in his party for reasons that politicians continue to ignore: massive illegal immigration that has damaged American workers throughout the country; massive private money with strings attached supporting the candidates of both parties; and a candidate that doesn’t have his mouth sewn shut because of political correctness. That’s why he is popular.

Jacqueline Sumner, Sacramento

Fed up with his unreality show

I read The Sacramento Bee’s editorial and could not agree with it more. The editorial board stated its case perfectly. I would like to see that headline splashed across the front page.

I am getting fed up with this man, and I believe there are millions of voters like myself with common sense and intelligence who see him for what he really is. He seems to be a 10-year-old leading a bunch of 5-year-old followers in his own un-reality show. I just hope the country and his party wake up soon.

Gregory Bland, Placerville

Editorial is a hatchet job

How many readers knew the definition of demagogue? I didn’t know, but looked it up. There are two definitions. One matches The Sacramento Bee’s editorial intentions. The other and older definition is a leader or orator who espouses the cause of the common people.

The Bee states Trump spouts hate against Mexican Americans, Muslims and others. Didn’t he use the terms “illegal immigrants” and “radical Muslims?” The Bee said a typical politician might have some regard for facts, or perhaps even feel some shame. Please do a similar editorial on President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Trump may not be the answer, but the true danger to democracy is the media not presenting all the facts regarding both sides of the aisle.

John Hightower, Orangevale

Thank you for the editorial on Trump

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Somebody had to say loudly what so many of us have been muttering to ourselves. The Bee’s criticism makes me just that little bit less afraid of the world we live in.

Louise Andrews, Stockton

Hold Clinton to same standard

I agree with some of what The Bee’s editorial board wrote. I did, however, stop at the part where it stated, “It’s about holding him to a standard of honesty and civility that we expect of one another, much less a presidential candidate.” I now want the board to hold Hillary Clinton to the same standard of honesty.

Lennie Chancey, Roseville

What about Clinton’s issues?

Although Trump is not my candidate, I found it interesting to read the editorial board’s rant about how terrible he is. The candidate The Bee will likely endorse is Hillary Clinton. Her career is rife with scandal and unethical conduct, including back-door money deals, admitted lies to the American people, a foundation that appears to be nothing more than a money-laundering scheme, unrelenting sexist trashing of women who dared to reveal her husband’s indiscretions and an embarrassing performance as secretary of state. The editorial board doesn’t seem to have a problem with her. Why is that?

James Rushford, Sacramento

Propaganda piece wasted on readers

On the plus side, The Bee’s editorial board accurately pointed out that these are uncertain times, too many Americans aren’t sharing in the economic recovery, and “these times demand a leader who can unite the nation and call forth our highest ideals.”

Maybe the board’s remarks should be directed to the guy who already has the job of president, rather than someone who is merely a candidate.

Because only a handful of clueless readers still view The Bee’s words as accurate and unbiased, the board likely wasted another 800-word propaganda piece.

John DeKellis, Rocklin

Impeach Trump before it’s too late

I can only hope that the smoke-filled, gin-swilling political backrooms are filled with geezers from both parties cutting a deal to impeach Donald Trump in the few seconds between taking his hand off the Bible when he is sworn in and reaching for the button to launch nuclear weapons.

Franklin Dotson, Antelope

No reason to fear the truth

Re “Be fearful, not just of Trump” (Letters, Dec. 6): Jose Gonzalez’s letter was not spot on. Donald Trump gave his opinion of Sen. John McCain; that’s his right. He did the same with Carly Fiorina. She’s an adult; she can take it. The mocking a reporter with disabilities has been way overblown. I believe Trump is a born leader, not swaying with the PC (political cowardice) crowd. He gets my vote.

David Brannan,

Citrus Heights

Ohman column is on the money

Re “Culture plays a part in gun violence” (Forum, Dec. 6): Jack Ohman’s column was the most insightful thing I’ve seen published in The Bee in a long time. In our country, we glorify violence through our culture – video games, movies, TV. We teach our young men to work out their problems with a gun.

When I was a teen on a Michigan dairy farm 60 years ago, I and all the other boys I knew owned a rifle and a shotgun, and there was no gun violence. But then, the Hays Office, known better as the Motion Picture Production Code, made sure that there was no graphic violence in our movies.

Raymond Waugh, Volcano


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