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No-fly list, gun laws, Muslims silent, Trump

Rep. Tom McClintock
Rep. Tom McClintock candidate

Liberals get basic rights all wrong

Re “McClintock warns against strict firearms regulation” (Page 7A, Dec. 11): The brain trust that defines liberal ideology never ceases to amaze me.

On the one hand, liberals have been pushing to close the Guantánamo Bay prison, where foreign nationals are held with no due process for long periods of time. On the other hand, they are OK with removing a fundamental right from fellow Americans who are on the no-fly list.

For people whose memory is foggy, the no-fly list is a government-created list that puts you under increased scrutiny by law enforcement, very often despite never having been charged or convicted of a crime.

Ask yourselves if you are OK with stripping fellow citizens of rights because the government suspects them of wrongdoing, possibly with little or no evidence.

Brian Bainter, Elk Grove

Banning guns is common sense

Rep. Tom McClintock, if there is a problem with the no-fly list, fix it. Restricting gun sales to people legitimately on the list is common sense to everyone except the NRA and its minions.

Gary Hobgood, Lincoln

Keep women away from war zones

Re “A woman's place is in combat” (Editorials, Dec. 11): The Sacramento Bee’s editorial board raises the potential of the horrors of women as “hostage, raped or even beheaded” and shrug that aside.

Equality in all things is desirable, if occasionally irrational. In the name of gender equality, America would provide terrorists a brand new weapon. That is insanity.

Here’s the deal: The words to use are enslaved, treated as livestock and forced to birth jihadist-fathered babies, or sold for the price of cigarettes. And, given social media, Bee editors will get to relive hideous moments as our enemies gladly post them.

David Collum, El Dorado Hills

Muslims are not the problem

Re “Too many Muslims remain silent” (Letters, Dec. 10): I have heard many interviews with the Council on American Islamic Relations, and seen several headlines about Muslims condemning the attack in San Bernardino and raising money to support the victims.

Letter writer Diana Zapalski claims it is “logical” to halt Muslim immigration.

There is nothing logical about violating the Constitution. Not to mention, ISIS wants us to react in a way that fulfills its narrative that the United States is at war with Islam. Donald Trump and his ilk may be willing to fall into that trap. I think most Americans are smart enough not to.

Gregg Fishman, Sacramento

GOP is reaping what it sowed

Re “GOP braces for deadlock after its primaries” (Insight, Dec. 11): As the Republican Party and conservative op-ed writers recoil at the brash personification of their decades-long Southern strategy, I am reminded of the verse: For whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.

They built Donald Trump year by year; from the welfare queen of Ronald Reagan’s campaign, through Willie Horton in George H. W. Bush’s time, and the smear campaign of John McCain in South Carolina by Karl Rove and the George W. Bush team.

The only question that remains is will the GOP implode, or be reduced to an ineffectual political minority as it is in California?

Calvin D. Nourse, Orangevale

Bullies are not welcome, Trump

I like living in this country populated by people from every corner of the world. I like living where people just don't care what religious beliefs are held by others. I like living where bullying and bullies are held in low esteem. I like living in a country where factual reporting is valued.

Donald Trump is a danger to the qualities that make America great. The sooner he is off the stage, the safer we will be.

Mary P. Morris, Sacramento

Trump isn’t so smart after all

There have been approximately 350 mass killings in the past year. Two were the work of Muslims. That leaves 348 conducted by non-Muslims, most of them by white men. There's a high probability some were Christians. The obvious solution is that we allow in no more white Christian men. Donald, if you are so smart, how did you get this so wrong?

Jackie Keller, Sacramento


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