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Liberals are too quick to blame

Rep. Doris Matsui
Rep. Doris Matsui rbenton@sacbee.com

Liberals are too quick to blame

Re “Matsui criticizes Trump’s view on Muslims” (Page A3, Dec. 14): Rep. Doris Matsui, D-Sacramento, says casting a shadow on everyone, not just the individuals doing these bad things, is not the American way.

Yet liberals want to blame all shootings on all law-abiding gun owners and the NRA, and not just the individuals doing these bad things. They seem to want to pick and choose what laws should be changed or enforced. If they don’t like a law, it’s bad for everyone.

Gene Merchant, Shingle Springs

We must war welcome refugees

We should accept refugees whether they are Muslims, Christians or whatever, and we should accept a lot more than 10,000. Since it doesn’t look like we are going to admit even this number in a timely manner, we should provide aid to those countries that are overflowing with refugees. These people need food, shelter, and medical care. This is a humanitarian crisis and we need to respond to it.

Mars Burnside, Rancho Cordova

Kamala Harris is missing in action

Re “Muslims caught in killing backlash” (Marcos Breton, Dec. 12): California and the United States are being hit by hate crimes against Muslims and people such as Sikhs misidentified as Muslims.

The last time this happened, after 9/11, then Attorney General Bill Lockyer spoke out strongly and led law enforcement agencies to protect these Californians.

Attorney General Kamala Harris is missing in action. Her Democratic U.S. Senate opponent, Rep. Loretta Sánchez, has joined some Republicans in stoking the fires that lead to this crime wave. Shameful.

Gregory deGiere, Sacramento

U.S. is reaping what it has sown

Marcos Breton wonders what inspired the San Bernardino shooters, saying fear is dangerous, rather than desired. Yet the media relentlessly focus on Muslim misdeeds, while large majorities of actual Muslims decry terrorism, with scant media attention.

What inspires such horrific acts? Blowback. The CIA overthrew Iran’s democracy and installed a tyrant. America funded training the mujahideen, including Osama bin Laden, and conducts drone strikes that hit funerals and wedding parties.

I doubt we can continue to count on the forbearance of a population we’ve subjected to so many insults and injuries.

Mark Dempsey, Orangevale

We cannot return to illegal abortions

Re “Don’t blame anti-abortion videos” (Another View, Dec. 15): Writer Wynette Sills failed to mention the numerous acts of violence against Planned Parenthood centers.

She failed to mention that the Center for Medical Progress lied about its origin and purpose, and hid unedited videos, and that her group wants to use the power of government to force women to carry unwanted pregnancies to term.

Sills claims a legal abortion is killing a human life. If she really thought that, it would mean life in prison for both the pregnant woman and the doctor. After all, legal abortions are premeditated.

John Abbott, Sacramento

Family planning limits abortions

Although Planned Parenthood provides abortions, if it were shut down, the abortion rate would increase a great deal. This is because the organization helps women avoid unwanted pregnancies. Shut it down, and there will be more unwanted pregnancies and more abortions.

Gabriel Lewin, Davis

Let’s place a price on carbon

Re “A frame-by-frame view of troubling climate change” (Shawn Hubler, Dec. 10): Shawn Hubler gave perhaps the clearest picture yet in The Sacramento Bee of our imminent future if fossil fuel use continues at its current rate.

Civilization has been possible because of 10,000 years of stable climate, providing the perfect conditions for agriculture. According to retired Navy Rear Adm. David Titley, on the Citizens Climate Lobby board, climate change is a “threat multiplier” of other world threats, such as refugees, droughts and ISIS. This is one threat we can do something about: Price carbon. Anything less than this will lead to an unlivable world.

Eileen Heinrich, Sacramento


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