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Sanitized words don’t tell the story

Sanitized words don’t tell the story

Re “Jim Cooper, Rudy Salas will lead Assembly’s moderate Democrats” (The Buzz, Dec. 10): I wish The Sacramento Bee would stop using fuzzy words such as “moderate” and “business-friendly” to describe the shortsighted Democrats who have done real damage by blocking California’s ground-breaking efforts to combat climate change. I’d suggest “contribution-friendly,” “kid-unfriendly” or “Democrats in name only.”

Paul Milkey, Sacramento

Obama is fixing Bush’s mess

Re “Obama’s mess will take decades to fix” (Letters, Dec. 15): For the last seven years, President Barack Obama has been trying to clean up the mess of the last president. I don’t know what world letter writer Dave Williams lives in, but I am a lot better off than I was seven years ago.

The houses in my community have increased in value. I pay 50 percent less to fill my gas tank, and despite efforts of Republicans to thwart the Affordable Care Act, my niece can afford health insurance.

On the downside, the freeways are more congested. Could that be all those people going to their new jobs?

Barbara Taft, Sacramento

We are not at war with Islam

Re “Pentagon seeks to widen Islamist fight” (Page 1A, Dec. 11): I cringed when I read the headline. I have learned from Muslim friends that Islam at its heart is about peace. A few years ago when Serbia was attacking Croatia and Kosovo, it was not labeled a “Christian” fight. We need to keep in mind that people who senselessly kill others are extremists and not representing true Islam, or any other religion.

Gail Marie Erlandson, Sacramento

Bush’s folly isn’t Muslims’ fault

George W. Bush created Islamic State when he and his cronies decided to illegally invade the sovereign country of Iraq and kill thousands of innocent Iraqis for oil. Somehow, now Muslims are supposed to clean this mess up?

Muslims are mourning the loss of the San Bernardino victims as much as people of any other faith. Muslims are being harassed, bullied and discriminated against for the crimes of a few twisted minds. I understand the frustration, but don’t blame Muslims for the mistakes of Bush and his followers who dragged us into this mess.

Nyla Chaudry, Elk Grove

Guns laws need to be much stricter

Re “Carnage despite tough state laws” (Insight, Dec. 9): The idea that there are tough or strict guns laws anywhere in this entire country is laughably absurd.

Every day we drive by gun stores. Mass shootings unfortunately overshadow the fact that 85 people are shot dead every day in a country that the BBC referred to as awash in weapons. Yet the daily 85 doesn’t rate a mention on the news shows. It’s just business as usual, another day at the office.

Steve Cannon, Sacramento

We don’t need thought police

Re “Rondo’s comments perpetuate legacy of abuse” (Marcos Breton, Dec. 16): How fortunate am I to reside in a community where the supreme knowledge and wisdom of Marcos Breton guides me every day as to what is right and what is wrong, what should be said and what should not be said.

Walter Graviet, Sacramento

We all have said things we regret

Let he who is without slur history toss the first stone. It’s time to get over this insistence on crucifying anyone who says or does something they really didn’t mean.

Yes, sports figures earn tons of money and are looked up to. But they are human, too. Rajon Rondo said something in the heat of a ballgame that he wishes he had not, but apologized for it. It’s time to get over it. There are much larger issues.

Bill White, Sacramento


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