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How liberals manipulate

How liberals manipulate

Re “Liberals' reach is not worldwide” (Letters, Dec. 21): Ron Dale wonders how liberals could convince scientists in every organization to go along with liberal policies. Here’s how: Most scientists work at colleges and they get government grants for research. Stop the grants and the scientists have no jobs. If the government asks a scientist to do research on global warming, what do you think the results will be? Support global warming or your grants might go away. Add to that the recent global warming conference in Paris where 196 countries signed a non-binding resolution where they have to do nothing, yet get billions of dollars in spending money, and this clears up how the liberals can control the global warming scientists. Money talks as long as you support who is paying.

Leslie H Brown, Sacramento

Global warming is real

Re “Explaining global warming locally” (Letters, Dec. 21): Shawn Smallwood doesn’t think that Sacramento’s near-record 2015 temperatures and California’s drought should be linked to global warming. I just returned from the 2015 American Geophysical Union conference, where 25,000 earth and space scientists gathered to discuss their research. In several presentations, climate scientists noted that they have found clear evidence that human-caused global warming intensified California’s record drought. And globally, 2014 was the hottest year on record, until 2015 shatters that at the end of December, and 2016 breaks it again. The impacts of global warming are clear, and it’s time to do something about it by putting a price on the carbon pollution that’s causing these costly extreme weather problems.

Dana Nuccitelli, West Sacramento

Bad timing on Islam lesson

Re “Virginia district cancels school over Islamic lesson anger” (Page 11A, Dec. 19): This teacher should know better. Such poor judgment on a seemingly unnecessary assignment – especially during this time of heightened sensitivity to our nation’s security. The statement this teacher had students translate may be “omnipresent” and “appearing on walls and in art” but so is the statement “In God We Trust.”

Diane Carlisle, Lincoln

Leave karma out of it

Re “A dose of karma for Martin Shkreli” (Editorials, Dec.22): There is no limit to my revulsion at hearing the concept of “karma” associated with Shkreli. Not only is this is a disturbing misapplication of the conceptual beauty of karma, it is also an attempt at the imposition of Judeo-Christian values on something that the writers at The Sacramento Bee don’t understand. Why don’t you ask if Jesus would approve of Shkreli?

Deus Pitha, Sacramento


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