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Trump, GOP candidates


What ideologues reap

Re “Trump – the candidate Republicans deserve” (Forum, Jan. 31): Ben Boychuk’s scattershot and despairing post-mortem on Republican missteps that produced the likes of Donald Trump suggests as one cause the betrayal of conservative principles by recent presidents back to and including the iconic Ronald Reagan.

Boychuk has it backward. The ever pragmatic Reagan, despite his conservative credentials, brought unity to his party on policy and beyond. Republicans’ relentless push today for unachievable purist conservative solutions, rather than seeking reasonable political accommodations, is the real source of a fractured party.

Frustrated by these failed policies, conservatives have retreated into factions behind demagogues that each promise to lead away from failed strategies and into their version of a fairy-tale promised land.

Spencer P. Le Gate,


Boychuk on target with GOP

Finally, Ben Boychuk, an establishment conservative, tells it like it is: Republicans are gullible. If only they were not so averse to facts, they would have noticed, as most Democrats have, that since President Richard Nixon, all GOP candidates have promised smaller government and tax cuts. Nevertheless, every GOP president, including Saint Ronald, has raised taxes and upsized government. In spite of the evidence, come election time, GOP voters turn into Charlie Brown attempting to kick that football held by Lucy. You know the rest.

John Garon, Placerville

Trump just looking for leverage

It’s not funny-cheeky when someone destroys your financial future, abuses you and makes a brand out of it.

I don’t think any conservative candidate would enjoy raping what remains of the public domain more than Donald Trump. Say nothing of a foreign policy that would render the description “neoconservative exceptionalist” insufficient.

He has already provided unwelcome elbow room for unapologetic misogynists and morally bankrupt economic gamers, and for that alone he is beyond redemption – Jerry Falwell Jr.’s endorsement or none.

The joke is on us, however, as this sad, cynical and unfortunately successful gambit to leverage yet another public asset for private benefit unfolds.

Just ask Atlantic City. Trump is an expert at leveraging the public’s trust for his own personal benefit, and what is more public than the office of the presidency of the United States?

Scott Ragsdale, Davis

‘Conservative’ is a misnomer now

All of the media noise regarding the Republican candidates, calling them “conservative” is entirely mistaken. Bill Buckley, Dwight Eisenhower, Richard Nixon, Barry Goldwater are examples of conservatives. The current post-Palin, tea party candidates are knee-jerk reactionaries pandering to irrational fears, sowing confusion and hatred, and serving the wealthiest class.

My personal politics are left-leaning, but I recognize the value of a balanced body politic and long for the return of true conservatives who engage in critical thought and have in mind the well-being of the citizenry.

Sunny de Koning,

West Sacramento


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