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Voter turnout is real victor

Voter turnout is real victor

Re “Outsiders win big in N.H.” (Page 1A, Feb. 10): New Hampshire officials expect turnout to set a record, voters braved traffic congestion, frigid temperatures and long lines to cast ballots in the state’s primary, demonstrating the importance of democracy’s most cherished institution: the right to vote.

Let’s hope those states that passed laws in 2010 suppressing voter participation will respond to Tuesday’s primary and change their laws by reinstating early voting, expanding opportunities to register and re-establishing polling places along with expanding the time they remain open, and doing away with restrictive ID laws. Students in Texas cannot use their state-issued student IDs to vote, but a permit to carry a concealed handgun will suffice.

To the legislators in states that introduced hundreds of bills to restrict voting, perhaps the people of New Hampshire were sending them a message: “Live Free or die.”

Jack Pelletier,

El Dorado Hills

Trump thrives on media’s obsession

The media’s obsession with Donald Trump to the detriment of all other candidates could not have been better illustrated than The Sacramento Bee’s front-page story. Trump’s photo is about three times as large as the photo of Bernie Sanders. You’d never know that Sanders was, in fact, the bigger winner.

Tom Clark, Sacramento

GOP wants to run against Sanders

Who is doing the most celebrating for Bernie Sanders’ big win in New Hampshire? The Republicans are ecstatic. They know well that Sanders could never win a national election – almost any GOP nominee could beat him and his pie-in-the-sky ideas. Democrats will throw away a major opportunity if they don’t deal realistically with their choice of a candidate, and soon.

Jeanine C. Rounds,

Yuba City

Hillary Clinton’s humanity?

Re “How about Hillary the human being?” (Insight, Feb. 9): Shawn Hubler suggests that people should compare Hillary Clinton to Eleanor Roosevelt. It’s laughable to compare Hillary to Eleanor, who by the time of her death was regarded by The New York Times as “one of the most esteemed women in the world and the object of almost universal respect.”

Donald P. Quesenberry,

Elk Grove

Clinton fails trustworthy test

Hillary Clinton is a deeply flawed human being. Scandals, lies and ethics questions follow her wherever she goes. She failed almost everything as secretary of state.

As a former Marine helicopter pilot, I’ve known pilots and crew members of Marine 1 who distrust her. Mistrust is why the Democratic voters rejected her in 2008.

Stan Frazer, Folsom

Cousins, not Karl, is the problem

Re “GM makes mature move sticking with coach amid slide” (Sports, Feb. 10): Columnist Ailene Voisin spells out the continued damage done to the Kings by DeMarcus Cousins.

Since Cousins joined the team in 2010, his constant rolling of the eyes, scowl and grimace have sapped all the fun out of games. Until coach George Karl gets Cousins to grow up – or the Kings show him the door – the team will never win a championship.

Robert George, Davis

Kings need to get rid of Cousins

I have been watching basketball for 60 years. This team looks as bad as any team I have ever watched. They change owners, coaches, players, general managers. DeMarcus Cousins gets a free pass and the coach cannot criticize him because the front office considers him the “face of the future.”

I don’t get it. Please ship him out so the team can function.

Carl Gronau, Lincoln

It’s time to admit this mistake

I have a solution to the Kings’ problems: Fire DeMarcus Cousins. His extreme negativism permeates the entire team from the players on up.

Walter Graviet, Sacramento

Show pampered players the door

I have never in my life seen such a group of pampered players. The Kings have an optional shootaround and it’s the coach’s fault for low attendance? Keep the four players who showed up, can the rest and keep the coach.

I’d rather lose games with guys who have minimal talent but who bust their butts to improve, than to watch what I have been watching. These players complain after every whistle. It’s pathetic.

Bob Greenfield, Folsom


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