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Pesticide and guns

Decision pending on pesticide

Re “Don’t deprive state farmers of pesticide” (Viewpoints, Feb. 10): The Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment has not added glyphosate to the Proposition 65 list of carcinogens. The agency has stated intent to list this chemical, but the final determination has not been made.

If glyphosate is added to the list, it would not ban or restrict the use or sale of the chemical. Listing could result in warnings for some exposures, but that is not certain.

California law and regulations state that chemicals must be included on the list if, such as glyphosate, they have been classified by the International Agency for Research on Cancer as carcinogenic to animals and probably carcinogenic to humans. The cancer research agency, within the World Health Organization, is recognized for its expertise on cancer. Courts have found that state environmental agencies must list a chemical if it meets these criteria.

Lauren Zeise, acting director,

Office of Environmental Health

Hazard Assessment

Call poison what it is

Ted Sheely neglected to use the word “Roundup” in describing glyphosate as “one of the best and safest products in the world to protect our crops.” Glyphosate is the scientific name for Roundup. Roundup must not have polled well with the Monsanto-backed Global Farmer Network that Sheely represents.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology senior research scientist Stephanie Seneff concludes that Roundup is “the most important factor in the development of chronic diseases and conditions prevalent in Westernized societies.”

Sheely derides the World Health Organization as a “reckless bureaucracy” for classifying Roundup as a “probable human carcinogen.”

The Global Farmer Network’s goal is making sure Monsanto can continue to poison the world with Roundup. Read between the lines, and follow the money.

Joseph W.G. Livaich, Sacramento

Bravely taking on gun lobby

Re “A doctor digs deep in quest for ways to save lives” (Insight, Feb. 11): Dan Morain’s column underscores the human and financial toll of gun violence that costs us dearly each year.

That so many die or are wounded by guns each year is a national disgrace. This carnage should help counter the gun lobbyists who routinely oppose research that would help us understand why guns are so often the first and final solutions.

Dr. Garen Wintemute, Sen. Lois Wolk and others are bravely trying to create statewide research centers from which we can document that the gun obsession causes more problems than it solves.

Spencer P. Le Gate, Sacramento


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