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Letters: Water, Obama, gas station, CSU strike, Kings

McCarthy’s view on water is all wet

Re “Too much rain is going to waste” (Viewpoints, Feb. 11): Rep. Kevin McCarthy believes the Southern San Joaquin Valley folks own Northern California’s rivers.

These are the same folks who brought us the selenium-contaminated Kesterson National Wildlife Refuge where thousands of migratory birds died. They brought us fracking and polluted groundwater, denying potable drinking water to the poorest of Californians. They’re also primarily responsible for the demise of the Central Valley’s once plentiful Chinook salmon.

Our waterways, the fish and birds are held as a public trust for the benefit of all the people, not just to those in McCarthy’s district. It’s absurd to blame the water shortage on the Fish and Wildlife Service or National Marine Fisheries Service.

Felix E. Smith, Carmichael

Fish not to blame for drought

How ludicrous that Rep. Kevin McCarthy blames the fish for California’s drought! There is plenty of blame to go around.

Why not start with the very idea that we could forever grow water-intensive crops and still meet the domestic demand of an exploding population. Or we might look at our ancient system of water rights laws, which allocates far more water than actually exists in nature. Or blame Gov. Jerry Brown for forcing his water board to give priority to his legacy twin tunnels instead of protecting people and fish.

Remember the adage: Water runs uphill toward the money. Like the money upon which McCarthy relies to remain in office.

Alan D. Wade, Sacramento

Conservative amnesia

Re “Obama shares blame for revolt” (Viewpoints, Feb. 12): As President Barack Obama completes his final year in office, conservative Charles Krauthammer would have us believe that the chaos among our political parties should be blamed on the president.

Krauthammer would remove GOP fingerprints from the crime scene. When Obama was inaugurated in 2009, key Republican lawmakers promised to block every one of his legislative initiatives.

Why should Americans trust the previous administration that rewarded the wealthiest with a windfall tax reduction, spiked the national debt and claimed the presence of weapons of mass destruction when none existed to justify a baseless war? Voter anger and distrust of our institutions began long before Obama was inaugurated.

Dan Fong,

Rancho Cordova

Let’s rethink that gas station

Re “Developer asks court to overturn Curtis Park vote” (Local, Feb. 10): My wife and I stayed a couple of nights in Campbell last month and visited the town’s large new Safeway. We marveled at how nicely the whole store was put together. We were also surprised to see a gas station in one corner. It was tastefully done and one could hardly notice the pumps that were well hidden with stonework.

Campbell was just rated as a runner-up in Sunset magazine’s “5 best communities in the West.” As a recent former Curtis Park resident, I cannot understand why some of our former neighbors, and the Sacramento City Council, could oppose such a project.

Rick Kraus, Grass Valley

Don’t penalize CSU students

Re “Faculty schedules five-day strike” (Page 1A, Feb. 9): I was at a gathering with a group of young coeds who attend Sacramento State, when a freshman said: “We pay a lot of money to attend school; they (professors) better be in class.”

I agree. Strike if you wish, but don’t penalize the students and then expect to be respected.

Leslie McNeill, Rocklin

Vlade saves season ticket holder

Re “A lesson in intensity for Kings” (Letters, Feb. 12): Being a season ticket holder back in the Divac/Webber days, I decided, with business getting better, to get in on the new arena and downtown excitement. I partnered with some friends last year, and until halfway through this year, I tried to stay optimistic that things would improve.

There isn’t enough space for me to lament about unprofessional, spoiled millionaires. If the bosses can tell their employees who runs this team, maybe they could set an example for the rest of professional sports.

William F. Kruger,



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