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Lake levels, city theater, McKinley Village, carbon fee, Petrovich

Another mindless government move

Re “Folsom Lake water releases questioned” (Insight, Feb. 18): The federal government is releasing water from Folsom Lake to prevent flooding while we are in the middle of a historic drought. It has adopted this approach during the year while the state water board is extending conservation to October.

When will we realize that government is not the solution to our problems, but an impediment? The drought is a man-made problem caused by government growing our population without adequate planning or money for water sources.

Donald Scheppmann, Sacramento

Where’s the church parking lot?

Re “City’s best plan combines theater, convention center” (Viewpoints, Feb. 19): The artist rendering of Sacramento’s refurbished Community Center Theater has overstepped what exists at 15th and J streets. It shows St Paul’s Episcopal Church’s building but has left out the parish hall, parking lot and an alley that provides access to the Convention Center.

Parking for the church is difficult enough already. Why would we give up what little we have?

Kitty Wilson, Sacramento

City ignores affordable housing

Re “McKinley Village developers seek to connect with the neighbors” (Local, Feb. 19): With village home prices starting at $450,000, the builders have created yet another wealthy enclave in town. Where is any protection for the middle and working classes by our City Council? This housing development is a terrible indicator of things to come.

Cynthia Gunston-Parks, Sacramento

New carbon fee makes sense

Re “Governor sees political potential for carbon tax in California” (The Buzz, Feb. 17): Gov. Jerry Brown’s idea of a revenue neutral carbon fee is a great idea. With gasoline prices so low, a revenue-neutral carbon fee would barely get gasoline prices back up to what they were.

And the money from this fee would go back to citizens, so it is not a tax at all. It is a fee to lower our carbon emissions and give us the money for renewable energy.

Brown and former Secretary of State George Shultz remind us when Ronald Reagan united Democrats and Republicans and saved us from chlorofluorocarbons, which were destroying the ozone layer, increasing cancer rates, cataracts and threatening ecosystems essential for agriculture and marine life.

Bruce Burdick, Carmichael

Not another carbon tax

Ironically, California already has a “carbon tax” – it is known as the cap-and-trade program costing consumers and businesses $45 billion, according to the Legislative Analyst. The difference is that it is a “hidden” tax and was never passed by a two-thirds vote of the Legislature as the Constitution requires for a new tax.

We should have an upfront, open and transparent discussion on enacting any carbon tax. If such a tax has merit, then pass it by a two-thirds vote with a full discussion of how it is implemented and how the revenue is spent.

Debra Gaylord, Yuba City

Petrovich’s petulance persists

Re “Petrovich tried for a Raley’s in Curtis Park” (Local, Feb.18): Living a half block from Curtis Park Village, we are intrigued by Paul Petrovich’s attempt to change plans for the retail aspect of this new development. He would even try a possible name change to “Crocker Village.” That’ll show those Curtis Park folks, who don’t want a Safeway fuel center!

Petrovich seems tone deaf about how his indignant attitude affects his image to Curtis Park residents, the City Council and other local entities. His refusing to speak to The Sacramento Bee regarding a commercial anchor tenant suggests pure petulance.

Melanie Kinkead, Sacramento


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