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GOP and Trump, guns and parents, Bera and promises

Derail that runaway train

Re “Time is running out to stop the Trump train wreck” (Editorial, Feb. 25): Those who believe that Donald Trump is a loud-mouthed buffoon and an embarrassment should flock to the polls.

Spouting hateful nonsense like building a wall, deporting millions of people and banning Muslims may work for a stand-up comic. But electing this demagogue would be a disaster.

I am just as disgusted with our Congress as anyone. But electing this blowhard won’t solve our problems. Regardless of your party affiliation, speak up and help stop the Trump train wreck before this country becomes a global laughingstock.

Beth A. Williams,

Shingle Springs

Republican race to the bottom

Re “Trump winning streak continues in Nevada” (Page 1A, Feb. 24): Eight years ago a very intelligent black man looked as though he might win the presidency. What an inspiring moment in American history, a moment that spoke well of us as a nation and a people.

History is seldom poetic, but 2008 was such a moment. Today we see our country’s coarser face as Donald Trump marches to his party’s nomination.

Tom Carroll, Sacramento

Breton misses the point on shooting

Re “Politics ignores life on the streets” (Insight, Feb. 24): Columnist Marcos Breton concedes that the accused killer of Jaulon Clavo was already in custody for firearm possession. This proves that existing laws, when enforced, actually work. Yet despite the accused being a minor, he was able to obtain a handgun and ammunition. Meanwhile, a law-abiding citizen has to be 21 years of age and clear a background check, and wait 10 days.

Stemming sociopathic behavior begins at home, not focusing on the “forces causing kids to kill each other.”

Andrew Mattson, Roseville

Where are male role models?

Boys before age 6 need a connection to men. The biological father is best, but any decent guy who pays attention will do. Everything from their play style to modeling adult values is critical. Yet, as a culture, we have lost this. Nationally, 42 percent of children and 73 percent of African American children are born out of wedlock. Where are our men?

Girls longing for male attention have their own challenges. But the consequences are far more troubling for sad, lonely and angry young men drawn to gangs, guns and drugs.

Men should provide role models for their children.

Peter Dannenfelser II, Sacramento

Purist progressives are delusional

Re “Bera pays price for breaking his trade promise” (Viewpoints, Feb. 24): Robert Longer and other Progressive Party purists are apoplectic because Rep. Ami Bera hasn’t completely toed their line. As a progressive sympathizer, I applaud Bera. The last four years he has cast nearly 2,000 votes, and these progressive purists have cherry-picked a handful of his votes to show that he “isn’t reflecting his constituents’ core beliefs.”

Bera’s constituents contain large numbers of Democrats, Republicans and independents. His critics have a delusional political world view.

Dan Schmitt, Wilton

Beware of closing Gitmo

Re “No more excuses – close Gitmo” (Editorial, Feb. 24): The Sacramento Bee Editorial Board supports President Barack Obama’s plan to close the Guantánamo Bay prison. What’s next, give it all back to the Cubans? Perhaps the Chinese or Russians could establish a base there. Then what do we do?

Bill Dixon, Elk Grove

Dump daylight saving time

Re “Daylight saving time could end in California” (Capitol & California, Feb. 25): I know of no person who likes changing the clocks twice a year. It is about time to end this silly practice. If Californians wish to change their hours of operation, let them do so, but changing the clock for everyone makes no sense.

James Langford, Rio Linda

Confused about Wilton’s plight

Re “Suburban sites evaluate impact of tribe’s big plan” (Insight, Feb. 17): During the last three years, California’s 159 tribal casinos and poker parlors have generated more than $20 billion in revenues and have employed tens of thousands. Because they pay no state or federal income taxes, their undisclosed net profits after expenses are undoubtedly quite substantial.

I’m confused. What’s the benefit of adding even more tribal casinos if the current billions in profits and thousands of jobs can’t even prevent a small tribe near Wilton from being “impoverished and unemployed”?

John DeKellis, Rocklin

More water conservation woes

Re “Hoping water lessons stick despite the rain” (Insight, Feb. 24): Let’s get this straight. We are not conserving enough since January’s heavy rainfall while water is being released at Folsom Dam.

Why should we conserve more water when billions of gallons are being sent down the river? If we all do our part, it will help. What if we get no more rain for the season? We can’t get back the water that was sent down the river.

Kellyann Gomes,

Rancho Cordova


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