Letters to the Editor

Mixed bag of thoughts on Ami Bera

Disappointed in Bera

Re “Lawmaker taking aim at gridlock” (Capitol & California, Jan. 12): I was extremely disappointed to see that Ami Bera’s first act in the new Congress was to be one of only 35 Democrats to vote for a Republican attempt to gut recent Wall Street reforms and further delay implementation of the needed Volker rule.

Also disappointing was Bera talking about bipartisanship and working with Newt Gingrich’s “tri-partisan” (i.e., tea party) group. You’d think by now he’d know attempting bipartisanship with today’s congressional Republicans is an absolute fool’s errand.

Ken Green, Rancho Cordova

Go do your job

Ami Bera got it 100 percent right in his last line: “The best way to get re-elected is to go do your job.” He’s that kind of guy. He earns his salary. I wish I could say I feel that way about the rest of the elected and appointed officials.

I voted for him, and I register as Republican. Now how do we get the rest of the posers in the city, county, state and federal governments to do the same? Just go do the job and stop spinning the truth. Please.

Did you know this is on Bera’s website? “I recently returned my 2013 pension, and I will not take a congressional pension until Medicare and Social Security are secure for this and future generations.”

That is a man in Congress taking responsibility, and it should be done by all members of Congress. Our Legislature and county fat cats should embrace such goals. Stop giving away other people’s money in the form of salary increases that lead to higher pensions and increased debt while setting themselves and others up for increased pensions. Just go do your jobs. Look out for the taxpayers like you who are spending your own money. Please.

Kenneth Fritz, Orangevale


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