Letters to the Editor

UCD chancellor, GOP spectacle, Mitt’s message

Don’t cut Katehi any slack

Re “How about a class in optics at UC Davis?” (Insight, March 3) Shawn Hubler’s column nearly lost me in the first paragraph.

Regarding the 2011 pepper-spray incident at UCD, several investigative reports all faulted Chancellor Linda Katehi. Despite police supervisors warning against her order to remove protesters by 3 p.m. using an anti-camping ordinance, the chancellor directed the police to comply.

Katehi’s string of mistakes, including the most recent blunder by violating UC policy to accept a paid position with DeVry, ought to be grounds for dismissal. Anybody in that position who demonstrates such poor judgment deserves to be fired.

Dan Lewis, Sacramento

Another dumb move by her

Re “UC Davis chancellor received $420,000 on publisher’s board” (Page 1A, March 4) Looks like Chancellor Linda Katehi resigned from the wrong board.

Paul Koscheka, Antelope

Media promotes food fights

Re “Trump defends his manhood as rivals lash front-runner” (Page 11A, March 4): I am alarmed by The Sacramento Bee and the media in general for encouraging the escalation in uncivil political discourse.

Is Trump’s manhood really the main message from the last presidential debate? How can we expect reasonableness and real debate when the news outlets feature candidates behaving badly?

I blame the media for encouraging this nonsense. No wonder the debates are merely a shouting match to see who can sling the best insult in order to make the headlines the next day.

J.B. Neethling, El Dorado Hills

Put a sock in it, Mitt

Re “GOP elites have new – and risky – plant to halt Trump” (Insight, March 4): If the GOP’s elite want to get their anti-Trump message out, they are using the wrong messenger. Nobody who listens to Donald Trump is going to listen to Mitt Romney.

Rick Brorsen, Carmichael

Silly schoolyard squabble

The latest GOP debate displayed the taunts of schoolboys, spewing forth spit and fire, venom and wrath at one another.

This foolish spectacle recalls “The Lord of the Flies.” What are voters to make of this madness?

John T. Urys, Sacramento


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