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Letters: Parking scam, high-speed rail, principal dismissed, GOP

New parking meters near Sacramento's City Hall in Sacramento on Tuesday, February 4, 2014. New parking meters around Cesar Chavez park are accepting credit cards, as well as coins.
New parking meters near Sacramento's City Hall in Sacramento on Tuesday, February 4, 2014. New parking meters around Cesar Chavez park are accepting credit cards, as well as coins. rbenton@sacbee.com

Downtown parking ticket scam?

Several days ago I was running an errand downtown, found a parking place and noticed a police officer ticketing and photographing a vehicle two car spaces from mine

He assured I could park there, and I returned a half hour later to find a $52.50 ticket for parking in a spot marked no parking for street cleaning on Wednesdays between 8-12.

Perhaps the officer misspoke or else the Sacramento Police Department is determined to write more parking violations now that Sacramento has to rely on parking proceeds to fund the Golden 1 Center.

Joanne Marlene Merry, Davis

Our descendants deserve project

Re “Stop fiddling and build this” (Letters, March 3): Kudos to Roger Klaves, who intelligently pointed out that by the time the freeways are essentially parking lots, our heirs will be happy to take to the rails.

As the population continues to rise, as it always has here, we simply cannot build enough roads to accommodate everyone. Start building dedicated rails between California’s major cities: by the time they’re finished, whether or not people will ride them will be a moot concern. Your grandchildren and great-grandchildren will applaud you.

Marian M. Eby, Chico

High school principal under fire

Re “Oak Ridge principal says false sex claim led to his dismissal” (Local, March 3): Let’s hope that fairness and reason will prevail at Oak Ridge High School.

As a retired educator, I can still recall the stressful role of principals. They must be responsive to students, teachers, auxiliary staff, parents, community factions, central office administrative staff, including the superintendent, and the board of trustees.

The complexity of this position is far greater than it was for me. Even though I don’t fully understand the strains on Paul Burke, his claim of neurological syndrome needs to be taken seriously.

Faculty meetings can be contentious in the give and take of instructional planning. The tremors he experiences are not usually debilitating and are neither caused nor exacerbated by contention. They’re a permanent condition one must live and work with.

Donald Walker,


So much for those GOP principles

Re “Democrats hammer Grassley to weigh justice nominee” (Page 10B, March 4): Sen. Charles Grassley avows that Republican leaders have “made a decision based on history and our intention to protect the ability of the American people to make their voices heard.”

Meantime those GOP leaders are desperately searching for a way to stop the popular surge for Donald Trump.

Apparently, the party’s principles exist only to serve politics.

Jay Tinsman, Lincoln

Smooth ride to Oval Office

Hillary Clinton should be happy as she looks forward to a presidential campaign against an unqualified Donald Trump. That’s all the more likely as crossover voters keep choosing him because he will be a weak opponent.

Clinton should have a smooth ride into the White House. Pick a running mate with strong economic and financial knowledge, and you’re good to go.

Tim Sawdey, Lincoln

Why bother conserving water?

Re “Save the rain – and your yard” (Insight, March 2): Taking measures to save rainwater for yards is a noble idea. However, the reality is that there is no need to spend money to do so. The federal bureaucrats are wasting millions of gallons of water per day by opening the Folsom Dam floodgates. We are told they are doing this because one flood year during the 1980s posed a threat. Using the government’s logic, if it happened once, it could happen again.

Using this logic, Folsom Lake will be empty by August and water rationing will be in place.

Save your money, people. The tiny amount of water you save pales when compared to the amount being flushed to sea by our leaders.

Fred Dowdle, Sacramento

Thanks to dignified candidates

Sacramento voters are fortunate to have mayoral candidates Angelique Ashby and Darrell Steinberg for keeping our local election far above the presidential barnyard behavior.

Karen Pardieck, Folsom


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