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Letters: Affordable homes, UCD chancellor, GOP flap, Kings

Construction workers put on trim on a building at the site of The Mill at Broadway in Sacramento. It’s an infill project on the site of a former wood products mill.
Construction workers put on trim on a building at the site of The Mill at Broadway in Sacramento. It’s an infill project on the site of a former wood products mill. Sacramento Bee file

Housing policy for all residents

Re “Scarcity raises cost of housing” (Dan Walters, March 4): Dan Walters misses the main point of mixed-income (“inclusionary”) housing policies, which were designed to combat exclusionary practices and ensure that neighborhoods are designed for all of our residents.

While these policies weren’t created to solve California’s entire housing affordability crisis, they are part of the set of solutions to meet the housing needs of families who will always be priced out of both the for-sale and rental housing market.

We do need to increase the supply of housing in California, but no matter how much we increase the supply, prices will never drop low enough to meet the needs of all Californians. State housing programs and local housing policies will always be needed to ensure that those Californians struggling to get by on the most-modest of budgets can still have a safe and stable home.

Shamus Roller, Sacramento

Chancellor is doing excellent job

UC Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi has done an excellent job. Under her leadership the schools of veterinary medicine and agriculture are world leaders, and enrollment of female and minority students has grown dramatically. UCD’s comprehensive campaign just raised more than $1 billion from 100,000-plus donors, and the school now educates more California undergraduates than any other UC campus.

As a UC Davis alumnus, alumni parent and chairman of the university’s foundation board, I have seen Linda’s approach to be collaborative and visionary. She has brought the university increased recognition at home and abroad.

Mark Child, Menlo Park

GOP clueless elites misfire again

Re Republican presidential race: I lost a little bit of respect for Donald Trump after Thursday’s outbursts with Marco Rubio, but I took Mitt Romney’s criticism with a grain of salt. Romney is one of the reasons the Republican Party is in this mess. The GOP and this country need a dramatic change, and Trump is the one to do it.

Wayne Doll, River Pines

Bar this bull from china shop

Re “Here’s why Trump is best presidential candidate” (Viewpoints, March 4): Doug Ose offered no definitive information on Donald Trump the candidate, but he did shine a light on Trump’s supporters.

Doug Ose demonstrated that Trump’s support is rooted in an overly simplified, black-and-white worldview. All of this nation’s problems have simple explanations and even more simple solutions. There is no complexity or shades of gray. There’s no need to study an issue in depth before taking action.

All we need is a strongman to smash things with a hammer and then move on. This amounts to bull-in-a-china shop leadership. God help us.

Dave Hart, Davis

This is movement’s actual agenda

Re “Risky actions have consequences” (Letters, March 4): Penni Smith reveals the real motivations of the anti-choice crowd. This group is not pro-life, but anti-sex. Women are simply not allowed to have sex, unless they intend to create a child. The same prohibition apparently doesn’t apply to men.

If it were truly about protecting the little babies, the anti-choice crowd would be screaming at the top of their lungs to have the Medicaid expansion implemented in all 50 states. They only care about the babies from the moment they are conceived to the moment they’re born. After that, they’re on there own.

The anti-abortion movement is not about saving babies, it’s about controlling women’s sexuality. It always has been and always will be.

Nick Collins, Magalia

Arena won’t solve Kings’ woes

Re “Winning takes time and patience” (Letters, March 2): Hate to burst someone’s bubble, but the Sacramento Kings since coming to town in 1985 have been largely a disappointment.

The current nucleus of young players is mediocre at best. The problem is a lack of leadership. You cannot fire several coaches in the last four years and then bring in a proven head coach in George Karl and be ready to fire him as well.

The real problem is that Karl and DeMarcus Cousins cannot coexist. Cousins’ behavior has poisoned team chemistry. Dreaming that a new arena will save the day is foolish.

Benny Lujan,



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