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Letters: Auburn dam, UC Davis chancellor, Donald Trump, daylight saving time

Sierra Club sabotaged dam

Re “As reservoirs recover, limits are questioned” (Page 1A, March 15): Had Auburn dam been built as promised, Folsom could be full of water because Auburn would be available for flood control. But the Sierra Club persuaded President Jimmy Carter and California leaders to complete the project for no less than $1 billion.

Since then, $1 billion has been spent on an emergency flood control gate system at Folsom that is still incomplete. If it were finished, the dam could hold more water until a flood crisis threatened the dam. In a flood crisis, those big gates will open to save the dam. If that happens, will the downstream levees protect Sacramento?

The Auburn dam could have captured over 2 million acre-feet of water during a flood. It could act as a shock absorber for the flood years, allowing Folsom to maintain a full reservoir in times of droughts. Now Folsom is the shock absorber of the American River and cannot provide the water supply and recreational needs as promised.

James R. Coe, Grass Valley

UC Davis is bullying students

Re “UC Davis protesters face disciplinary threat” (Local, March 15): “Consistent with our normal practice” is a bogus justification for compelling the students to leave UC Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi’s office or face disciplinary action.

This is another administrative slap in the face to students and any thinking individual given that Katehi failed to follow UC policy in seeking financial gain as a board member.

The chancellor should be held accountable for her unethical actions instead of the university threatening students.

Charles E Cassani,


Cut Chancellor Katehi some slack

UC Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi has worked diligently to change the face of UC Davis to more closely reflect the community which it serves. She has been involved in solving some of the most intractable problems of the university, including at the UCD Medical Center. She has increased student participation, and she has engaged the overall community which she serves.

During her tenure UCD has made many structural improvements, and she has helped mold the university into a world leader in agriculture and alternative and sustainable energy.

Arturo Aleman, President, United Latinos, Sacramento

Editorial board’s double standard

Re “Donald Trump lit the match on rally violence” (Editorial, March 15): The Bee’s editorial board has decided Donald Trump is not fit to be president and blames him for the behavior of demonstrators at his rallies. Does the board believe that George McGovern and the Democratic Party were responsible for the behavior of Abbie Hoffman, Tom Hayden, Bobby Seale and the other demonstrators during the 1968 Chicago riot?

Mike DiMiceli, Citrus Heights

GOP is about to collapse

Re “A chaotic GOP convention would be Cleveland curse” (Insight, March 15): Erika Smith’s column is almost spot on. The only thing that she forgot to mention is that the GOP will eventually collapse under its own weight.

Mark Rodriguez,


Both sides are inciting voters

Re “Trump, Wilson: 2 sides of a coin” (Local, March 13) Marcos Breton’s column rightly pointed out the harm politicians do by appealing to our base instincts of racism and hatred.

But Pete Wilson and Donald Trump are not alone. Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton appeal to envy and jealousy by highlighting wealth differences in our country. Virtually every one of their speeches describes how unfair it is for a small group of people to have so much more than others.

Inciting people to hate, no matter the reason, is the root cause of violence. Our leaders should stop dividing us by race, religious belief or wealth.

Jim Thompson, Sacramento

Let there be year-round light

I guess all the people complaining about a one-hour time change never travel. It’s fun and healthy for the mind.

I understand that some folks have demanding early morning schedules, and the time change is a problem for them. For those who want to keep winter time all year round and say it’s cheaper to turn on the lights, try some outdoor activities such as hiking or cycling.

Summer days are already too short as it is, even with daylight saving time. Darkness at 8 p.m. on the summer solstice would be a complete nightmare – literally.

Chris Bertin, Auburn


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