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Rep. Ami Bera is taking heat from district critics for his trade votes.
Rep. Ami Bera is taking heat from district critics for his trade votes. Associated Press file

Nominee a threat to gun owners

Re “Obstructionist McConnell stiffs a qualified nominee” (Editorials, March 17): Californians should thank Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell for stopping this nomination in its tracks.

Judge Merrick Garland’s decisions clearly confirm he believes Americans do not have the right to possess a firearm for any reason – even to have a gun in your own home for self protection. Future Democratic Supreme Court picks will effectively mean the end of hunting and your family’s personal safety.

Richard Wilder, Rocklin

Racial bigotry is very big deal

Re “High school taunts aren’t a big deal” (Letters, March 14): The racial taunts toward the Asian female players of the McClatchy High School basketball team certainly deserved page-one coverage.

The growing Asian Pacific Islander community is beginning to understand the need to publicly stand up for itself. Kudos to Glen Kumamoto for not allowing this shameful incident to be swept under the rug. And thanks to The Sacramento Bee for showcasing this story.

The Asian Pacific Islander community is equal to all ethnic communities when it comes to racial prejudice, and is committed to being heard in mainstream society.

Maeley Tom, Sacramento

Do the math on homeless toilets

Re “Flush out the real toilet costs” (Letters, March 17): The letter writer who questions the $15,000 monthly cost of a supervised flush toilet should brush up on his math. The actual figures pencil out to $11,160. What’s more, he implies that a homeless person could staff the toilets for half the cost.

Should a person’s housing status determine pay?

Chris Cappa, Sacramento

You can’t always get your way

Re “Congressman’s Democratic critics say he disappoints” (Insight, March 16): This discontent reflects the audacity of left-leaning leaders who require lockstep obedience; otherwise, they will take their toys and go elsewhere.

Democratic Party leaders say “he is listening to somebody else instead of us.” Maybe, just maybe, he is listening to many of his constituents and voting his conscience.

Governance is compromise and as Mick Jagger says: “You can’t always get what you want.” I suggest that party leaders quit whining and try compromise, because Scott Jones is not the answer.

Patrick Stiehr, Roseville

Stop the whining and back Bera

A group of liberal, progressive union supporters is whining that Rep. Ami Bera doesn’t always vote in line with their favored positions, sometimes even on major issues. What do they think: Bera (or anybody else) could run and get elected as a pure liberal in that district? Scott Jones would be more likely to vote their way? Or that Jones would be easy to unseat next time?

I don’t agree with the way Bera votes all the time, but he straddles a wide middle spectrum of his somewhat liberal to fairly conservative constituents. He has to cater to all of them to keep their votes, and as a mostly liberal Democrat.

Peter Hathaway, Fair Oaks

City Cemetery rose garden is just fine

Re “Cemetery rose garden won’t die, city vows” (Local, March 16): First, city officials claim homeless campers and bad guys are hiding in the cemetery’s rose bushes, even though no one else has spotted such people. Now they say the trellises, installed by city crews, supporting the beautiful climbing roses might topple at the instant an unsuspecting visitor walks under them and cause harm.

That remote possibility seems like a poor excuse to get rid of the trellises. While large trees under city care have fallen and dropped limbs, which in turn have damaged monuments, no cemetery rose has damaged a monument, nor is it likely to do any damage.

Walt Seifert, Sacramento


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