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Letters: UC Davis chancellor, violence, sports fields, Trump

A student protester carries a sign and chants slogans on the UC Davis campus demanding Chancellor Linda Katehi’s resignation.
A student protester carries a sign and chants slogans on the UC Davis campus demanding Chancellor Linda Katehi’s resignation. rbenton@sacbee.com

Who is Katehi trying to kid?

Re “UC Davis’ Katehi explains board seats” (Local, March 20): UC Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi has stooped to yet another sickening low, now that she’s under fire.

Katehi claims that she not only has a right to pad her generous salary with private-sector “service” on corporate boards, she has a “responsibility” to do so “as a woman” and a champion of “diversity.”

Let no one be fooled by such a shameless self-defense. Katehi is no Susan B. Anthony. She is just another university administrator whose sense of regal entitlement exposes the University of California to embarrassment and political attack.

If Katehi cannot muster enough decency to resign, she must be fired.

Michael Magliari, Chico

Clueless state college leaders

In corporate America, if a decision-maker accepts any remuneration from a vendor, it is considered a breach of conduct and grounds for dismissal. The fact that the UC regents have not acted upon the highly compensated relationship UC Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi had with a textbook supplier, is a sign of just how out of touch the regents are.

Given the fact that Sacramento State’s former president, Alexander Gonzalez, received $123,750 from a local “nonprofit” hospital while supposedly managing a troubled state campus, indicates the state colleges’ leaders are equally out of touch. Our students and taxpayers deserve better.

Brian McCarthy,


Male role models are essential

Re “Mothers unite to reduce violence, child deaths” (Page A1, March 18): Boys need to bond with male role models before the age of 6 or they will feel profoundly alone and sad. This is the attraction of gangs. Young men yearning to feel connected and respected, often mistaking fear for respect. Crystal Brent is correct when she says, “It used to be a village where everyone cared for everyone else. We’ve lost all that. Now it’s chaos.”

Men need to wake up to their responsibilities as role models to help our kids build strong and positive self-esteem. Fathers are important. There are some things a mother cannot give her son.

Peter Dannenfelser II, Sacramento

McClatchy being shortchanged

Re “City school parents decry poor condition of fields” (Local, March 18): It’s more than an outrage that C.K. McClatchy High School, one of the city’s first and most notable high schools, is being denied necessary funding to shore up its aging athletic facilities, not only for safety reasons but also for regional pride.

McClatchy High has had to wait while athletic facilities were upgraded and funded at Burbank, Johnson and a dozen new high schools with multimillion-dollar stadiums.

Competitive athletics are crucial for growth and development, social interaction and team support. Not to mention athletic interaction that is interactive though not team-oriented.

In every case where funding is allocated, it seems only the special interests of those carrying a personal agenda are recognized, and not the most significant need of the school facilities.

Kirk Pocan, Elk Grove

GOP leaders terrified by Trump

Re “GOP leaders map out firewall to block a Trump nomination” (Page A1, March 20): GOP leaders’ attempts to derail Donald Trump’s candidacy are disgusting.

Trump’s hysterical critics are crybabies, poor sports, sore losers and a disgrace to what the Republican Party stands for, or at least used to stand for. They are no better than the protesters trying to disrupt Trump rallies.

I wouldn’t be surprised if some of these GOP plotters were behind some of those protests.

The establishment Republicans are running scared and are afraid that their cushy lifestyle will be unveiled.

I will no longer support the Republican Party unless it can unite behind Donald Trump.

Paula Orlando,



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