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Brussels, schools, parking, Supreme Court

A woman is evacuated in an ambulance by emergency services after an explosion in a metro station in Brussels.
A woman is evacuated in an ambulance by emergency services after an explosion in a metro station in Brussels. The Associated Press

The looming terrorist storm

The carnage in Brussels makes me even more determined not to be complacent and let this pass as just another incident.

We are at war with radical Islam. More precise perhaps: Radical Islam is at war with the West. Western culture calls us to welcome with open arms and with open borders, and see any pretense of war as a rare event. Take it in stride, be “correct” in speak.

Let’s call this savagery for what it is and then begin to deal with it. Drop the complacency and political correctness. When your home is under attack, do we not shut the door? Lock it? Defend it?

These terrorists have one aim: total conquest. We are not speaking to the mild or moderate Muslims. They should be speaking up on their own, but they fear for their own heads.

Wake up. The world is looking for a light amid the darkness of radical Islam.

Robert Bartlett,

Granite Bay

Parking hikes could hurt

Re “Downtown parking soon may be pricier, more complex” (Local, March 18): Sacramento should look to Seattle before implementing complicated, expensive changes in parking downtown.

I lived in Lynnwood, Wash., which is about 10 miles north of Seattle. Parking was so expensive in downtown Seattle that merchants and restaurants complained that it was hurting business. That was always a consideration for me when deciding whether or not I would go downtown for a music show and if I stayed downtown for a meal.

If parking rates become excessive and complicated, I’ll have the same reservations about enjoying an evening in downtown Sacramento that I had when I lived in Lynnwood.

Mark Tulowitzky, Roseville

Do the right thing on meters

Will the City Council serve the public by making parking simpler and more available for the downtown area? Or will it opt to increase hours and prices so all users contribute to what has been coined “arena pay stations”?

City officials have shown a decided lack of intelligent planning in the past. And it appears the downtown area is headed for another such disaster. Is there any chance they will rise up and show they can make decisions that benefit the people that elect them? Fingers crossed.

Blythe Blue, Sacramento

McConnell heeds his masters

Re “Conservative groups have split message on opposing nominee” (Page 1A, March 21): I was shocked to see Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell say that he would not consider a well-qualified candidate for the empty seat on the Supreme Court that was not approved by the National Rifle Association and the National Federation of Independent Business.

What is the constitutional passage, I wondered, that permits these two special interests to play a role in judicial review?

Looks like we have the finest Congress that money can buy. Just ask the big-money groups. Once elected, these lawmakers don’t listen to the people, only to the big donors.

Donald Brazell, Roseville

Same old GOP obstructionists

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell would have you believe he could block a Supreme Court nominee indefinitely until the voters have their say.

Who is McConnell kidding? He would block anyone who did not fit the GOP mold. This is a replay of same old obstructionist tactics.

The Supreme Court requires nine justices to function effectively. How long will the high court remain locked in 4-4 split decisions before the GOP-controlled Senate stops playing politics?

Richard Kuechlee, Lincoln

So much for that big tent

Because the California Republican Party establishment created a closed primary, independent voters will be unwelcome in the GOP’s purported “big tent.”

Paul Pennington,

El Dorado Hills


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