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Terrorists, strike, county registrar, drought

People receive treatment near Maelbeek metro station in Brussels after bombs exploded Tuesday. The Brussels airport also was attacked.
People receive treatment near Maelbeek metro station in Brussels after bombs exploded Tuesday. The Brussels airport also was attacked. The Associated Press

Time to get tough on terrorists

Re “The difference between tough talk and hanging tough” (Opinion, March 23): How many times must we simply hang tough with empty rhetoric from President Barack Obama? Is his doing the wave or an interview with ESPN during a Cuban baseball game hanging tough?

Good grief, terrorist attacks continue while we continue to hear the same rhetoric. Why aren’t we taking out Raqqa in Syria, where the terrorist leaders reside?

If the president going to Cuba is considered to be legacy building, so should his failure to defeat the terrorists.

Doug Hinchey, Lincoln

And these terrorist victims?

When bombs went off in Brussels, killing 31 people and injuring over 200, media coverage was immediate and overwhelming. Every major outlet turned to cover the attacks. On March 13, a car bomb went off in Ankara, Turkey, killing 34 people and injuring 125.

In both cases, victims were innocent unsuspecting civilians going about their lives. Yet this was mostly relegated to smaller stories buried in the foreign sections while the Brussels bombing was front-page news. All terrorist victims deserve the same respect and coverage no matter what their religion or the color of their skin.

Mohammad Arshad,


Wage total war on ISIS

The only way to defeat those terrorists who chop off heads, marry children, rape children and babies is to unleash our military to destroy ISIS. Blow them up and take no prisoners. If terrorists hide in mosques, destroy them. If they inhabit private homes, destroy them. Stop leading them to believe, as the present administration has done, that there are any safe havens.

Bill Moore, El Dorado Hills

Tighten our immigration rules

Re “Islamic State takes credit for carnage in Brussels” (Page 1A, March 23): Muslims should not be held responsible for those who use their religious beliefs to murder in the name of their god.

That said, we must tighten the rules of Muslim immigrants.

Norma Loudenslager, Citrus Heights

Faculty deserve decent wage

Re “CSU faculty ready to strike for five days if contract deal isn’t reached” (Capitol Alert, Feb. 8): Many of my California State University colleagues have seen virtually no salary increase since 2008.

They were low-balled when they were hired, then never allowed to climb a salary ladder or given cost-of-living increases. They have student loans that they have not been able to pay off. They see retirement slipping further and further into the future, because they cannot even catch up to inflation.

Student enrollment has increased, but faculty hires have lagged. Our workload is increasing with larger class sizes.

Quality student education depends upon hiring and retaining faculty. When faculty members leave for higher-paying positions, our students lose out. We need a sustainable employment model. Let’s start with the modest 5 percent salary increase.

Lois Boulgarides,


Tired of being short-changed

As a Sacramento State faculty member, I’m prepared to go on strike on April 13-15 and 18-19. I don’t want to strike, but I will to help preserve my working conditions that affect students.

I tell my students every semester that after I completed my graduate degree, my income was cut in half. My work as a teacher is priceless, but I did not sign a contract for a life of poverty.

Students are suffering because of the increased costs. They have a hard time getting into the classes they need, thereby taking them longer to graduate. Administrative ranks and salaries swell while teachers, counselors and mentors are being short-changed.

Nicki Mehta, Sacramento

County registrar’s office is a mess

Re “Board to examine county elections office” (Local, March 20): I’m incensed that with problems dating back to 2008 nothing has been done to correct major issues in the Sacramento County registrar’s office.

The county finally put out a bid for a report after two huge problems with materials produced by this office had real impacts on the 2014 election. Unfortunately, the bid was awarded to a company with ties to the registrar that couldn’t meet the deadline. This company should not have competed for the job in the first place and should not have won the bid.

Meantime, voters are assured that this can be resolved nicely in spite of many complaints for years by people who work in that office. Every election is important, but this one is too critical to allow yet another “election gerrymandering” by either incompetent people or people with a hidden agenda.

Alice Hendrix,


Don’t tell me to kill my lawn

Re “Rainy March is looking decidedly dry in final half” (Local, March 21): So we have no rain in sight while those in charge let out 11,785 cubic feet of water per second from Folsom Lake, or roughly 1.4 times the inflow.

Don’t come around in August and tell me my front yard is too green. I am not the one wasting such large quantities of water.

Douglas Schuch,



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