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Letters: Trump, ISIS, plastic bags, Islamophobia

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump holds up a copy of his 1987 book, “Trump: The Art of the Deal,” during a town hall event.
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump holds up a copy of his 1987 book, “Trump: The Art of the Deal,” during a town hall event. Associated Press file

Global trade grows our economy

Re “Trump is not a true blue-collar billionaire” (Insight, Foon Rhee, March 22): Contrary to claims that international trade is bad, boosting trade with countries in the Trans-Pacific Partnership will help support more good-paying, middle-class jobs.

As a business owner I’ve seen firsthand the positive effects trade can bring. My company, Rantronics, helps export telecommunication, machinery and defense products to global buyers. Trade with Asia has allowed me to expand our business, especially to the Philippines and South Korea.

Foon Rhee is right that we need to work to build our manufacturing base and the jobs that come with it. But the way to do that is to encourage trade, not stymie it. The modern economy is a global one, and the United States cannot hope to grow and compete unless we meet them head-on by having trade agreements.

Paul Ahdan, Granite Bay

Donald Trump can be stopped

Republican National Committee rules neither allow nor recognize “winner-take-all” state primaries and can redistribute the committed delegates from those results. What’s more, RNC rules don’t permit “open” primaries where Democrats and independents can cross over to vote Republican, putting delegate counts in 15 to 20 states in question.

This renders the current GOP committed delegate count a mere estimate. Those dreaming of a Trump presidency should prepare themselves for a severe letdown. Although the GOP may seem in panic mode over Trump, party officials appear confident of stopping him at their convention.

Stephen Farr, Folsom

Should we just kill everyone?

Re “Wage total war on ISIS” (Letters, March 24): The letter writer thinks it’s all right to kill suspected terrorists in mosques and private homes if that’s where they hide. I guess it would be OK with him if police chase a suspect to his home or church and destroy everyone inside.

Terry Skjelstad, Fair Oaks

Fearmongering is disgraceful

Donald Trump and Sen. Ted Cruz shamelessly stoke fear of Muslims via guilt by association.

We need everyone to be vigilant and report suspicious words and actions. Rather than demean Muslims, our leaders should treat our citizens with respect and gratitude for making our nation the most enviable in the world.

Trump and Cruz ought to take a short walk among the rows in Arlington and see the multitude of nationalities and religions among those whose service to America cannot be surpassed.

Dan Fong,

Rancho Cordova

Please stop scapegoating Islam

Every time a terrorist attack happens in Europe, Islamophobia rears its ugly head in this nation.

The killing of innocent people at the hands of terrorists, whether it happens in Europe or Turkey, is dreadful and must be condemned. As a Muslim, I refuse to take the blame for the crimes committed by them just as people of other faiths should not be blamed for atrocities committed by the people associated with their faith.

Thirteen years ago this month, the United States and its European allies attacked Iraq and killed thousands of innocent civilians. That war created the conditions of extreme violence, desperation and sectarianism that led to the creation of ISIS. The world is now reaping what was sown in 2003.

Tahir Mansoor, Elk Grove

Thankful for plastic bag ban

Re “Added cost to consumers” (Letters, March 25): The recent decision to ban plastic bags by Sacramento County is not a customer service issue, according to Jim Lynch. Nor is the ban about retailers adding to their revenue.

It’s about our environment and the huge numbers of discarded plastic bags that clog our drainage systems, float in our rivers and streams, and blow along the sides of our rural roads and interstate highways. Bring your own reusable bags to the store. Some stores are giving them away to help you get started.

Fae Gisler, Nevada City

Here’s a classic win-win solution

Re “Study touts benefits to planet of eating less meat” (Insight, March 22): The article claims that cattle belching emits methane gas that contributes considerably to global warming.

Why not commission UC Davis to develop a COWtalytic converter to deal with this problem? That would allow the guilt-free consumption of beef. It could enable cows to help save our planet and possibly help embattled UC Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi to keep her job.

Michael A. Goulet,

Rio Vista


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