Letters to the Editor

Constitution prevails, parking meters, ballgame, gas tax

Constitutional principles rule

Re “Prayer rally by Franklin Graham draws LGBTQ counter-protest” (Page 3A, April 1): Evangelist Franklin Graham says, “Vote for candidates who will govern in accordance with biblical principles.” I believe we should elect candidates who will govern by our Constitution.

My understanding of Christian principles is different from other Christians. So who decides what are and what are not Christian principles?

I support Graham when he says we need to vote for candidates who believe in the sacredness of marriage–those two people who love each other live in a sacred marriage.

Gary Miller, Roseville

Persistent parking-meter woes

Re “City Council proposes parking meter extension to pay arena debt” (Page 1A, March 22): City Parking Chief Matt Eierman said that raising meter rates is to make metered spaces available for people who want them. But if that is the real reason for extending meter operation to 10 p.m. and raising the hourly rate, why is the need for “SpotZone” that allows drivers to pad the meter’s time limit by paying a premium price?

That doesn’t move cars out of spaces. It keeps them there at a higher, more lucrative rate. This is a grab for additional revenue to finance the Golden 1 Center. Craig Powell of Eye on Sacramento is right to suggest that downtown parking meters be renamed “Arena Pay Stations.” That’s a more honest description of the proposal by city parking officials.

Jim Bailey, Fair Oaks

Crocker shouldn’t pave its park

Re “Crocker Museum plans to revamp nearby park, beef up visitor parking,” (Page 1A, April 1): The Crocker Museum proposes building paved walks, sculptures, event center, performance stage, and parking lot in adjacent Crocker Park.

Why? It is now a large beautiful tree lined open space of grass. It seems open space cannot be appreciated. It must be filled with another use.

It is like the song lyrics: “Don’t it always seem to go, that you don’t know, what you got ‘til it’s gone. They paved paradise, and put up a parking lot.”

Bill Jurkovich, Citrus Heights

Pleased yet puzzled by game

Re: “Giants bring The Show to Sacramento in exhibition against River Cats” (Sports, March 30): It was great to see the River Cats host the Giants this week on TV. Yet I have two concerns.

Why did the River Cats wear jerseys displaying “Sactown” instead of “Sacramento” or “River Cats”? Should not we be trying to improve Sacramento’s image?

And why were the Giants designated as the home team? I thought it was standard practice for the hosting team to bat second.

Anyway, it was good to see the stadium full of fans. Too bad the Cats lost.

Rich Jamieson, Sacramento

Hacked iPhone a blow to CEO

Re “Feds unlock iPhone without Apple, drop case” (Page 7A, March 29): Because Apple refused to cooperate with the FBI on unlocking previously perceived secure iPhone data, a hacker did it instead.

Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook appears to have been thrown off his high horse.

Claudia Simpson, Roseville


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