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State and minimum wage, Katehi and Napolitano, Sanders’ campaign

Gov. Jerry Brown signs a minimum wage bill at the Ronald Reagan State Building on April 4.
Gov. Jerry Brown signs a minimum wage bill at the Ronald Reagan State Building on April 4. Los Angeles Times

Minimum wage hike is a hidden tax

Re “Brown signs bill to boost minimum wage to $15” (Page 1A, April 5): Make no mistake. The new government order to increase wages to $15 is purely a tax in disguise. Democrats realize they cannot increase taxes to provide funds to their supporters because of the two-thirds vote requirement, so they have devised other approaches.

They did some of this through the Earned Income Credit program last year, but it was not enough to create dependency. So they needed to get more money to low-income voters and to support union programs. The solution is to pass a law to force others to pay, taking the government out of the middle. The consequence will be fewer jobs, lower profits and higher costs to consumers.

This is an approach the Democrats are using more and more. Government continues to spend, and when it runs out of money, the Democrats just find creative ways of taking more from those who have money.

Donald Scheppmann, Sacramento

Wage increase makes no sense

So while Gov. Jerry Brown is saying this makes no economic sense, he signs the bill raising the minimum wage. Other politicians say that people can’t raise a family on the current wage. FYI, you can’t raise a family on 15 bucks an hour, either.

The minimum wage has always been intended to be a starting point for young people to start learning how the world works, and that by applying themselves they can move up.

Steve Sherman, Herald

Katehi maligned by legislators

Re “Katehi apologizes in hearing” (Page 1A, April 5): It seems to me that UC Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi is being crucified unfairly over her role as a board member of a competing organization that is a for-profit educational center.

Frankly, I have a difficult time trying to figure out what the difference is since we have so many college educators accepting positions as consultants to many for-profit companies. Trust me, they are not donating their time when in that role. I have hired them and paid them well for the hours involved.

Ah, yes, our beloved legislators are criticizing her for acceptance of pay to be a board member. Seems to me some of them have been indicted for not disclosing funds they accept. Some have even gone to prison.

Oh, yes, I can’t forget the protesting students. At least their excuse is ignorant idealism. I understand the idealism, just not the ignorance.

Conny Saab, Fair Oaks

And Napolitano’s responsibility?

UC Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi’s boss, UC President Janet Napolitano, should be at the hearing in the Legislature: We know Katehi appears to be money-greedy when accepting board memberships that violate her main career as UC Davis chancellor, but why wasn’t Napolitano involved in this hearing?

Dave Mulvehill,

Rancho Murieta

End policy on board participation

UC Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi is paid a $420,000-a-year salary by California taxpayers – that’s $1,150 a day. I expect any UC chancellor to work 24/7 for the University of California, not moonlight on private company boards for money. Katehi’s moonlighting is especially egregious due to the obvious conflict of interest with a for-profit university.

And I don’t buy Janet Napolitono’s stance that participating on company boards “expands outreach” and “contacts” for UC chancellors. The only thing that “expands” is the bank accounts of the chancellors. This policy of allowing and even encouraging paid board participation must end.

Alex Hewitt, Sacramento

Get real about Sanders’ campaign

Re “Cruz, Sanders victorious in Wisconsin primaries” (Page 1A, April 6): I am tired of The Sacramento Bee’s lack of fair coverage of Bernie Sanders’ candidacy. On Tuesday, Ted Cruz and Sanders won in the Wisconsin primary, but whose picture appears on the front page? Not Sanders’, despite his momentum.

Sanders is a real news story this election. He’s winning without any super PACs, any donations from Wall Street or the fossil fuel industry. The Bee has joined the rest of mainstream media in publicizing only the hijinks of Donald Trump.

Joan Maredyth,



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