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Arena art and jobs, Katehi and UC representation, Ohman’s Pulitzer

“Multitudes Converge,” a sculpture planned for the Golden 1 Center in downtown Sacramento, is being created by artist Bryan Valenzuela.
“Multitudes Converge,” a sculpture planned for the Golden 1 Center in downtown Sacramento, is being created by artist Bryan Valenzuela.

U.S. jobs lost in making arena art

Re “A river will run through Golden 1” (Local, Ryan Lillis, April 18): First, congratulations to Sacramento’s Bryan Valenzuela for his winning art design for the new Golden 1 Center.

On the other hand, I am stunned to learn the work to craft 400 molded glass spheres was outsourced to a manufacturer in Prague, Czech Republic.

Golden 1 Credit Union represents rank-and-file state workers. It knows, or should know, what jobs mean. Those 400 molded glass spheres should have been made here in America, and by American craftsmen.

This is exactly the kind of thing driving Democrats to Bernie Sanders, and Republicans to Donald Trump.

Robert N. Austin,


Katehi doesn’t represent UC well

Re “Katehi has done a superb job” (Letters, April 16): Vince Carlisle writes in defense of Chancellor Linda Katehi. He suggests that Katehi’s direction to scrub the Internet of bad press was in the best interest of the UC Davis.

Scrubbing the Internet of bad press is like attempting to remove the sand from all the beaches of the world. It is a futile waste of money. Worse is the belief that Katehi’s job is not a 24-hour job. She is a salaried, 24/7 employee of the UC system. As such, any other positions she aspires to must be approved by the president of the University of California, Janet Napolitano, to ensure that the appointment neither presents a conflict of interest nor subjects the university to negative press.

It is clear that Katehi has subjected the university to negative press. Hmm. Is that good representation?

Brian Cournoyer,


Sounds like shilling for UCD chancellor

I have five words for letter writer Vince Carlisle, as they don’t apply to UC Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi: accountability, propriety, and real-world awareness, none of which have been reflected by Katehi’s arrogant job-related decisions and actions of the last few years.

Reading that letter, I had to only semi-facetiously wonder if Carlisle is on Katehi’s public-relations staff, a relative or close friend, or both. What a naive yet shameless shill piece in support of such self-serving hubris on the part of a public official whose substantial salary and budget are paid for by the rest of us California taxpayers.

As a result of her repeated and well-documented judgmental lapses that have used and abused the public trust, Katehi richly deserves to be relieved of her position in the UC system. The sooner, the better.

Don Crisafulli, Sacramento

Ohman’s talent, gifts are impressive

Re “Top honor for Ohman” (Page 1A, April 19): When Jack Ohman first arrived at The Sacramento Bee, I teased him just as anyone would for being the new kid on the block. Having had my fun, I admitted that he was the best thing to happen to the city where he was sure to make his mark.

Of all his great fun and many talents, what most impresses me is his gift for touching deep emotions in painful truths.

Spencer P. Le Gate, Sacramento

Sacramento lucky to have cartoonist

The Sacramento Bee has been exceedingly fortunate to have Jack Ohman’s editorial cartoons and columns, and now the Pulitzer Prize for editorial cartoons. What an amazing compliment for superior journalism, and so good for Ohman and The Bee. We in the Sacramento area are lucky to have them both.

Melanie Kinkead,


Pulitzer doesn’t make much sense

Giving Jack Ohman a Pulitzer Prize for his far-left bigotry makes about as much sense as giving President Barrack Obama the Nobel Peace Prize for good intentions.

Consider the source. It just underscores the leftist media bias. Apparently the more leftist bile you spew, the higher you rate on their approval meter.

James Cronin, Folsom

Recognition deserved

Congratulations, Jack Ohman! Our treasure receives the national recognition he deserves.

Leslie Chiles, Sacramento


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