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Pot tourism, children, Katehi, parking enforcement, rescued ducks, an idea for Jack

This head shop is one of the stops on a marijuana-themed “My 420” tour that also included a grow house, two dispensaries, a brewery and dinner at a bar in Denver.
This head shop is one of the stops on a marijuana-themed “My 420” tour that also included a grow house, two dispensaries, a brewery and dinner at a bar in Denver. The New York Times

Crying over lost pot tourism

Re “Pot trail tours offer a whiff” (Travel, April 17): As I read the article written by The New York Times reporter who experienced the pot tours offered in Colorado, I couldn’t help but think that the “Denver” I read could have been “Sacramento” or “San Francisco,” if Californians had passed the 2010 ballot measure normalizing marijuana. But I recall a couple of weeks before that vote, President Barack Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder said that an affirmative vote would be “unhelpful” and the polls turned south and the measure was defeated.

Those Californians who voted “no” in 2010 should now bow their heads and weep quietly for the lost billions of dollars of commerce and the thousands of good-paying jobs you denied your state and vow to never do so again.

Don Knutson, Sacramento

Who really brings up a child?

Re “Legal pot would be beneficial” (Letters, April 16): Our society is already a “soft” and undisciplined society with few norms or standards for our children. America is at a critical point in our history and encouraging drugs is a great mistake.

I see the destruction of lives from drugs every day as I ride the light rail downtown going to work. It does take a village to bring up a child. We are all responsible to help other children live a safe and good life. Let’s not rush to vote “yes” on legalizing pot. Your children’s future is at stake.

Joe Munizich,

Cameron Park

Hold UC regents responsible, too

Re “Katehi doesn’t represent UC well” (Letters, April 20): Over the past months, many stories covering the UC Davis chancellor controversy have been printed in The Sacramento Bee. The stumbling, fumbling missteps by Chancellor Linda Katehi have shown her to be a less than perfect administrator.

Perhaps the public should look in another direction for responsibility in these matters. For decades, UC regents have searched far and wide to find the best candidates. In this case, they went to the University of Illinois admissions office for Katehi, who brought with her a cloud of suspicion over the admissions scandal.

What could be wrong with hiring the fifth- or sixth-best candidate from within the UC system whose history is known and documented? Don’t forget, Janet Napolitano is supporting Katehi, and she was pulled from the failing Department of Homeland Security to lead the whole UC system. Trusting regents in hiring may not be the best idea.

Steven Spangler, Roseville

Over-the-top parking tickets

I recently witnessed yet again the Sacramento County “Parking Enforcement” Prius cruising our neighborhood, looking for opportunities to ticket meaningless violations of the parking code. Two officers ticketed the cars – and took pictures of the cars – of an elderly bridge group convened near my residence, apparently citing violations of exactly where tires were on or near the sidewalk. The victims of this over-the-top revenue grab came out an hour or so later, some with walkers, and had no trouble with the sidewalk, but were gifted with the opportunity to add to county coffers.

I get that traffic violations need to be monitored and enforced. But ticketing parked cars in quiet residential areas where a tire that is on the curb by 1 inch is unlikely to be a safety issue. This is a blatant revenue enforcement activity that has no place in our community, and it should stop.

Paul Phinney, Carmichael

Firefighters rescue trapped ducklings

I was walking my dog recently across from my Natomas hotel and saw a duck refusing to leave a drainage grate in the street. She paced back and forth. Several tiny ducklings had fallen through the grate. Several passersby stopped to help, but none of us could rescue the ducklings. The mother duck was hovering, quacking and flying in circles.

Sacramento Fire Department Engine 18 arrived and opened the heavy street grates and climbed down. The firefighters worked for several hours, flooding the drains until all 12 ducklings surfaced. How happy we all were to see the babies rushing to mama.

In this world of violence and disrespect, I am touched that these firefighters demonstrated determined effort to save the lives of these little helpless ones.

Diane Cartwright,


An idea to honor Jack

Re “Top honor for Ohman” (Page 1A, April 19): How can we convince Jack In The Box to introduce a Jack Ohman-themed Styrofoam antenna ball? A Pulitzer is well-deserved and an aerial topper would further recognize his talents.

Gerald Ockerman,

Fair Oaks


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