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UC Davis Chancellor Katehi

Amid calls for her resignation, UC Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi is seeking to rebuild public confidence.
Amid calls for her resignation, UC Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi is seeking to rebuild public confidence. rbenton@sacbee.com

Grandstanding by lawmakers

Re “UC Davis Chancellor Katehi apologizes, plans to remain” (Page 1A, April 22): As a proud UC Davis alumna, I was disappointed in Assemblyman Kevin McCarty for his position on UC Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi.

The only real mistake she made was to join the board of directors of the DeVry Education Group, and she has apologized and made amends for that. I accept her apology.

The rest is a faux scandal and what looks like hypocritical grandstanding by lawmakers. To me, this looks like a tempest in a teapot. Let Katehi continue her good work at UC Davis. Time to move on.

Amy Alfieri, West Sacramento

3 strikes, Katehi should be out

UC Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi has demonstrated three separate instances of incredibly bad judgment:

1. Her involvement in pepper-spraying student protesters in 2011.

2. Her attempt to change the historical record by spending $175,000 of public money to clean up the online image not only of UC Davis but also of herself.

3. Her accepting a lucrative position on the board of directors of DeVry University, a for-profit university that is under federal investigation.

She has had three strikes, and she should be out.

Rick Sims, Dutch Flat,

retired appellate justice

Student support for Katehi

I am a student who supports Linda Katehi remaining as our chancellor at UC Davis. I am appalled that she is singled out for activities that all UC chancellors are expected to do, like serve on boards. Accepting the position at DeVry was a mistake, and so were the contracts with firms to improve the online image of the university.

These are minor infractions given a tenure in which the university’s rankings have risen dramatically. I question the obsession of attacking Katehi while ignoring other campuses that also spend money on search engine optimization and public relations. Katehi’s overall achievements outweigh her errors.

Matthew Palm, Davis

Katehi’s credibility? Where is it?

Re “How Katehi can rebuild UC Davis’ credibility” (Editorials, April 22): It appears that there is no end to the lack of credibility and systemic abuses by UC Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi.

The editorial notes that Katehi’s daughter-in-law, son and husband are employed in some capacity at the university. What kind of special privileges will we read about next? She should be fired.

James Datzman, Lincoln


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