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Gun permits, Katehi, abortion wars, RT red line, government waste

David Daleiden speaks to a group of anti-abortion demonstrators during a rally in front of the Planned Parenthood office in Sacramento on Saturday.
David Daleiden speaks to a group of anti-abortion demonstrators during a rally in front of the Planned Parenthood office in Sacramento on Saturday. rbenton@sacbee.com

Buying votes with gun permits

Re “Concealed gun permits make dramatic surge” (Page 1A, April 24): It’s illegal to buy votes with money, but Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones, who is running for Congress, has found another currency – concealed carry weapons permits.

Jones knows that every one of the more than 7,500 county residents to whom he’s issued a CCW permit will vote for him. He even held a fundraiser at a gun club. But as county sheriff, Jones should also know that there is no credible evidence that carrying concealed firearms deters crime. On the contrary, as Jones’ own records show, CCW permit holders have a higher rate of serious brushes with the law than the general public, and there is overwhelming evidence that high rates of gun ownership are associated with high rates of homicide and suicide.

Sacramento County residents would be safer if Jones bought votes the old-fashioned way – with money, rather than with CCW permits.

Bill Durston, Gold River

Katehi replaced by committee

Re “How Katehi can rebuild UC Davis’ credibility” (Editorials, April 22): In reading The Sacramento Bee’s editorial, it is clear that Linda Katehi is no longer able to run UC Davis. She has created a team to vet her board commitments and a “transparency board” for communications. The university is now being run by committee.

She has basically declared that she is unable to make decisions. For this she is paid $400,000. Why do we need her? Being the chancellor is not an entry-level position. If she is not experienced enough to make tough decisions, then it is time to hire someone who is.

Jane Reedy, Davis

Photo of three men says it all

Re “Of a soldier and the collateral damage in the abortion wars” (Insight, Shawn Hubler, April 26): The photo accompanying the story says it all – three men standing in front of a women’s health clinic (and, yes, I understand that also means family planning and abortion), telling women what to do with their bodies.

Erik Vink, Davis

Our taxes well spent? Not!

Re “Upgrading tax official’s office furniture cost state $130,000” (Insight, April 26): Another reason why we don’t want to pay more taxes. Public officials always find ways to waste it.

Mike Beard, Roseville

Sure, a ‘red line’ is the ticket

Re “RT draws red lines at stations to ward off loiterers, fare cheats” (Page 1A, April 25): Sheer genius! Why didn’t someone think of this before? We’ll draw red lines. Then there’ll be no more groups of rowdy teens hopping on and turning their boom boxes up to maximum.

There won’t be any more ticketless riders. No more slobbering homeless people taking two seats to nap on the train. What a concept!

Wayne Bruns, Sacramento

The city should emulate Big Apple

Re “Usually tolerant city struggles with worsening street behavior” (Insight, April 25): My wife and I lived in New York City in the mid-1970s. We were repelled by its level of grime and crime. A quarter of a century later, we returned. We were shocked and gratified by that city’s positive transformation.

Now, we are both put off by San Francisco’s deterioration. The city would do well to study and emulate the Big Apple’s renaissance.

Ward Campbell,



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