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Designer furniture, Trump wins, Kings tatoos

Jerome Horton, chairman of the California Board of Equilization
Jerome Horton, chairman of the California Board of Equilization 2012 file photo

Guess what, Horton? You’re fired!

Re “Upgrading tax official’s office furniture cost state $130,000” (Insight, April 26): I was shocked but not surprised that Jerome Horton, the chairman of the Board of Equalization, burned up $130,000 on new office furniture.

He would need that when his office is in a “Class A” downtown high-rise where their rent is $740,000 per year. Since all four members of the BOE are former Assembly members tapping another salary, is it any wonder that this type of ludicrous spending would take place with our tax dollars?

Where is a Donald Trump-type when a chairman showing this behavior needs to hear the words: “You’re fired!”

John Drury, Sacramento

The arrogance and entitlement

Jerome Horton’s unabashed use of public funds for designer furniture in his new office confirms the arrogance of elite public officials in wasting taxpayer money. This feeling of entitlement coincides with the little-effort jobs such board positions offer to termed-out lawmakers.

The governor, who pretends to be frugal, needs to hit this kind of abuse head-on.

Mark Roberts, Loomis

Turnout wins elections, not polls

Re “Front-runners win in Northeast” (Page 1A, April 27): As pundits scramble for poll evidence of a coming Donald Trump defeat, the real deciding factor is that Democratic turnout is down since 2012, while Republican turnout is up.

Enthusiastic Trumpies vote in droves, registering or re-registering Republicans to do so. Democrats, meanwhile, hold their nose to vote for Hillary Clinton, while Bernie Sanders fans forget to vote.

This will turn the election.

Joe Chasko, Sacramento

Voting for Bernie, but being realistic

Bernie Sanders talked me into giving him and other candidates $1,000, a record amount for me. It was not easy.

I believe in him and harbor no suspicions on his integrity. Health care and education should be inalienable.

I will vote for Sanders, and I will do the same for the 2020 Democratic nominee who vows to end Citizens United and pushes for campaign finance reform.

John Fierro, Sacramento

Wealth gap no reason for envy

Re “In age of wealth gap, we’re not all in the same boat” (Page 1A, April 24): This doubtlessly stirred class envy and anger, but it’s mostly nonsense, especially the suggestion that it’s primarily an American problem.

Substantial class distinction has existed across all societies for all of recorded history. There may be more creative ways of expressing wealth now, and there are more people with great wealth in the world than ever, but so what?

Is my cruise less enjoyable because others have more amenities? The potential envy list goes on forever and need not reflect differences in wealth, just spending priorities.

Harvey Swenson,


Branding fans in cow town

Re “Kings unveil new logos in Golden 1 Center event” (Local, April 27): If the owners of the Sacramento Kings were hoping to shed the city’s reputation as a cow town, they could not have chosen a more inept stunt than to pay for their fans to be branded like cattle with the team’s new logo. Who needs cowbells now?

Daniel Bernstein,



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