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Trump protest, tall tales, Cruz’s credibility, migrant students, etc.

Police officers form a line in front of protesters outside the hotel where Donald Trump was speaking to the California Republican Party convention in Burlingame on Friday.
Police officers form a line in front of protesters outside the hotel where Donald Trump was speaking to the California Republican Party convention in Burlingame on Friday. The Associated Press

Trump protesters hurt their cause

Re “Trump urges unity yet mocks rivals” (Page 1A, April 30): The protest against Donald Trump’s visit to Burlingame was the worst example of protest behavior.

Several anti-Trump protesters were interviewed and claimed they are motivated by the violence and hate perpetrated by Trump supporters. While I am equally concerned by the Trump rhetoric, the only hate, violence and intolerance comes from the anti-Trump protesters.

These protesters let their emotions get the better of them and ignore the numerous arguments that exist against a Trump candidacy. You do your cause no favors by this protest behavior. In fact, your antics will only encourage Trump supporters. Be careful with your protests; we may all end up with a Trump presidency.

Steven Johnson,


Give us facts, not tall tales

Re “A few tall tales emerge from California’s GOP convention” (Insight, May 2): As the candidates for both parties spin their tales about their accomplishments, abilities and concern for the American people, my grandson is headed for Iraq. He is not in special ops. Did someone say “No more boots on the ground”?

While the media and some people agonize over the tall tales and who will be the best commander in chief, my family and I will agonize daily knowing he is in harm’s way. He doesn’t complain. He is well-trained by our Army’s instructors, and as an Army veteran I am confident he will come home safe.

My concern is about our country’s top leader. Is there a candidate who is qualified to lead our country and command our troops? I don’t think so. My grandson is in the U.S. Army. Please, no more tall tales from either party’s candidates. No more bragging; just give us the facts.

Larry Harris, Elverta

Cruz has no credibility in state

Re “Cruz, Kasich plan their last stand against Trump” (Page 1A, May 1): When I read that Sen. Ted Cruz criticized Gov. Jerry Brown, Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom and Attorney General Kamala Harris, and then said, “Now y’all are experiencing firsthand the consequences of those misguided liberal policies,” proves to me that he has zero credibility.

Brown has done a great job bringing California back after Republican rule; even the Republicans in this state acknowledge this.

Cruz is an embarrassment to this country.

Don Brown, Sacramento

Schools are doing the right thing

Re “School districts across nation keep migrant youths from enrolling” (Page 1A, May 2): The Orwellian ways of The Sacramento Bee are on display again.

Are school districts across the nation really keeping migrants from enrolling? Or perhaps they’re not allowing people who have broken the immigration laws from being a further drain on the social system, while enrolling those who are here legally.

There still exists a difference between legal migrants and illegal immigrants.

Marc Condos, Rocklin

Katehi’s exit is long overdue

Re “Time for Katehi to make her exit” (Local, May 1): Marcos Breton got it half-right about the future of UC Davis and Chancellor Linda Katehi. In a system of UC campuses, we should be more concerned about the real work performed by faculty in teaching, research and grant applications. We should not be concerned about preserving Katehi’s management options elsewhere.

Top faculty from out of state don’t get a second appointment for their spouses. That’s just for lavishly paid administrators, those hired to manage enormous institutions. That job should take all their non-sleep time, without moonlighting.

It’s the UC home office that’s responsible for these outdated policies promoting excessively high salaries and perks. If the UC Davis PR office wasn’t being bolstered by millions of dollars and money spent to rig Internet searches, we’d have a better system from the top down.

This chaos was funded with public money, while retirement base pay climbs faster than the tuition increases.

Bill Martin, Quincy


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